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<b>Ended February 28, 2015</b>

Behind-the-scenes at Animal Kingdom -- an insider's look in areas such as conservation, animal nutrition and medicine, animal care and behavioral studies. Visit: backstage animal housing areas; Animal Nutrition Center, and the state-of-the-art Veterinary Hospital. This program takes place entirely behind the scenes.

Reviewed by MiamiSuzanne Review Date: 11/25/2014

Rating: (10)

I went by myself last Wednesday morning (8:30am), 11/22/2014. Luckily it was 48 degrees so we all got to see 2 rhinos in one barn, and Donna the elephant and a few other elephants in their barn. See, the elephants do not go out until it is 50 degrees, so we were able to see them all in their HUGE barn. The 2 rhinos were girls and were buddies together in their rhino stall. So much information to take in and the keepers & tour guides love what they do. Ever tour is different and one must remember its not guaranteed to see animals in their barns. If you do not, the tour is still great. The tour includes the veterinary clinic. There was a bird being taken care of by a vet. A turtle was there since he had a cracked shell and will be there for awhile. You tour the nutrition warehouse and it is amazing how the staff knows who gets what. The end was taking our own safari tour like everyone else does but our tour guide told us more details . It was so good, I will go back again. Note: It isn't for young kids. They would be bored.


Learning all the details of the amazing AK animals


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Reviewed by mcmouse Review Date: 03/20/2013

Rating: (9)

Hubby and I took the early tour (8:30AM). We enjoyed all the fun facts our tour guide provided. We were lucky because when we visited the white rhino buildings, there were several rhinos in the pens, usually I guess there's only 1 or 2. Also, as we peeked into the elephant buildings, we were invited in and got to see 2 adults and 1 young one up close and personal. This isn't usually part of the tour, as our guide told us that was the 1st time this happened on one of her tours. They even got one of the larger ones to "trumpet" for us. Neat! We had granola bars for a snack and received a plastic mug as a souvenier. The private safari is a nice touch as you go a little slower than the normal one. We had giraffe right up close to our safari vehicle.This was a nice tour and I would reccomend it to animal lovers. It is short enough not to take up your entire day with just enough time to get the idea of conservation.


lots of inside info


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