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Star Jets, a D-Ticket attraction, opened in the Magic Kingdom on November 28, 1974. A two-day Cast member preview took place on November 26 and 27th.

Star Jet D Ticket 1976

Star Jet D Ticket 1977


Enter a gantry elevator to the launch platform. The main rocket shaft lifts up 9 jets that circle around. Once at full height, guests control the rocket; pull back on the stick to "climb" and push forward to "dive". Top height is 60 feet.

Note the 2 Skyway vehicles
in the upper left.

Star Jets July 1984

Note I'm the 9 year old in the front
April 1984

Star Jets remained open until 1994. It was closed, refreshed and repainted during the Tomorrowland change-over in the mid-1990s. It reopened April 30, 1994, as Astro Orbiter.

Starjets can still be found in Tokyo Disneyland where they opened
on April 15, 1983.