PLEASE Refrain from Doing These Absolutely UNHINGED Things at Your Disney World Hotel

Disney World is a pretty special place, and staying at a Disney World hotel has quite a few perks! You can take advantage of perks such as Early Entry and free Disney transportation.

Wilderness Lodge

However, if you are staying at a Disney World hotel, we have a few requests of things we would like you to avoid. Actually, if these things could be avoided at any hotel it would probably be for the best.

Hogging Pool Chairs

Pool days at a Disney World resort are a blast. We totally get that everyone in your party is likely going to want to lounge on a pool chair at some point. We aren’t saying you can’t use the pool chairs, or that you shouldn’t reserve the chairs. All we are asking is that you only reserve enough chairs for the people in your group, and if you are leaving the pool for an extended period, let others use the chairs while you are gone.

Hippie Dippie Pool

If you have a big group, by all means, have a chair for everyone! We don’t need you to share chairs, just don’t grab eight chairs when you know only two people are coming to the pool.

Leaving a Huge Mess

We know it is vacation, and part of what you are paying is for housekeeping to clean up your room. But at the same time, be as nice as possible to the housekeepers. They are there to make your vacation special, but leaving huge messes is just not a good choice. You don’t have to leave your room spotless but also don’t create an outrageous amount of work for the housekeepers.

Coronado Springs

Your room is going to look lived in and slept in, but it probably shouldn’t look like a hurricane went through it.

Yelling at Cast Members

While we don’t think yelling at a Cast Member is ever the answer, it definitely won’t help to yell if they aren’t able to accommodate a room request. We know a Disney World vacation costs a lot, and we always hope things go the way we want them to. However, not every request will be able to be accommodated.

Disney’s Beach Club Resort

You can always talk to Cast Members about your requests or see if other arrangements can be made, but yelling just isn’t the answer.

Letting Your Kids Run Amok

There is a lot of excitement happening on a Disney World vacation, and we know that kids seem like they have unlimited energy sometimes. However, while we are all for kids playing and enjoying themselves, we have seen kids running amok quite a few times during our Disney World stays.

Old Key West Sandcastle Playground

Most resorts have some great open areas, or even playgrounds for kids to run wild. We would just request that you keep as close of an eye as possible on your kids in places with lots of other people around. For instance, places like the lobby or table service restaurants. We understand kids will be kids, and Disney World is a pretty fantastic place. Just try your best to ensure your kids are being respectful of others, and help your kids understand where they can run around and where they need to be a bit calmer.

Throwing Parties in Your Room Late into the Night

Like we said before, Disney World is pretty awesome. There is a lot to celebrate while you are on a Disney World trip and who really needs sleep anyway? What better way to spend your evenings than throwing a rager in your hotel room to keep the party going all night long? We would like to strongly argue that getting sleep is a much better way to spend your evenings.

Port Orleans Resort – French Quarter

We get it. Being in Disney World with your family or friends is exciting, but if we could save the loud excitement for the daytime, everyone in the resort will thank you. We aren’t saying you have to go to bed at 7PM every night, but if you are planning on staying up later, just keep the noise down in your room in case your neighbors are sleeping! The resorts have lots of activities you can take advantage of too.

Questionable Resort Attire

We want you to be comfortable while you are at Disney World, and you will likely find yourself feeling pretty at home at your Disney World resort. We have seen some pretty surprising attire at the resorts, and while we are all for you doing you, we always find a couple of resort attire trends amusing.

Art of Animation Resort

The first one is walking around the resort barefoot. Again, we love that you are feeling comfortable and at-home, but we are also slightly worried. Who knows what you may be stepping in, and the last thing we want is for you to get hurt. The resorts are clean, but we aren’t sure if they are THAT clean.

Polynesian Village Resort

Secondly is wearing your pajamas around the resort. There is something to be said about grabbing a quick cup of coffee in your PJs. But we do have some questions if you walk around the resort all day and for extended periods of time in your pajamas. We have a feeling you are pretty darn comfortable, but we still have some questions.

Running Loudly Down Hallways

Sometimes the excitement gets the best of you, and you can’t help but sprint excitedly down the resort hallway. We have probably all had a moment where we realized we were being way too loud in a moment.

Saratoga Springs

Unfortunately, we are pretty sure you can hear just about everything through the room doors. Great for listening in on conversations, but it can be a bit annoying when groups are loudly running down the hallways.

Polynesian Village Resort

There are always going to be annoyances and frustrations when you are staying at a hotel. There are a lot of people in a pretty small area, so be prepared for some less than magical moments. Try your best to be respectful of those around you and have an amazing time.

Disney’s Riviera Resort

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