NEWS: A Popular Southwest Upgrade Got a Major Price Increase

Southwest Airlines has increased the price of one of its popular upgrade options.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines is one of the few airlines that has an open seating policy instead of charging a fee to choose a seat ahead of time. Even though customers can’t select their seats while booking, they can pay for early boarding to make it easier to snag a seat of their choice.

It was previously suggested by the company CEO that the Southwest open seating policy may be changing soon as a way to “drive up revenue.” While there haven’t been any additional announcements regarding the open seating policy, Southwest has recently changed the pricing structure for several add-on options, including Upgraded Boarding. The Upgraded Boarding add-on allows customers to be among the first to board the plane, pick their preferred available seat, and access the overhead bin space.


The price for Upgraded Boarding varies based on the popularity and length of each flight segment. Southwest recently updated the price range for Upgraded Boarding to $30-$149 per segment, per customer. This is a steep increase from last year’s maximum charge of $80 per segment, per customer.

Orlando International Airport

While the exact pricing varies based on flight details, the maximum possible price is nearly twice the amount that it was a year prior, which could impact your travel budget, especially if you’re traveling with multiple people. If you have a Southwest flight planned in the future, be sure to factor this into your budget planning.

Southwest’s 50th Anniversary Plane

If you’re traveling to Orlando within the state of Florida and looking for other budget-friendly transportation choices, the new Brightline train route that travels between Miami and Orlando International Airport could be a great option to consider. Brightline occasionally offers sales that can help further stretch your budget as well.

Brightline Station

We’ll continue to be on the lookout for more travel news that could impact your next vacation, so stay tuned to AllEars for the latest updates!

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