If You’re Going to Disney World in 2025, This Is the Only Airline You Should Use

We’re getting closer to 2025 every day!

Cinderella Castle

It sounds wild, but it’s true! With that being said, you may already be planning your 2025 travel, and that means looking at flights. If you’re planning to head to Disney World in 2025, this is the ONE airline you should use.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest is one of the largest airlines in the United States and is loved by many. (Yes, I have my personal social anxiety grievances of it, but I recognize it’s usually great otherwise). They’re known for having great service, wonderful employees, and will safely get you where you need to go.

Southwest Airlines

They often have flight deals, which is great way to save some money, but even their regular ticket prices are often less than a competitor like Delta.


You’ll also find they have lots of nonstop or 1-stop routes to Orlando from many cities in the United States, which makes travel much easier. So Southwest, you’re our number one pick! (There’s no prize, sorry, but congratulations!)

Two BIG benefits of Southwest Airlines that you won’t find with many other companies: Free checked luggage and the ability to change your flight free of charge.

Frontier Airlines

However, if you’re ballin’ on a smaller budget and need to get to Orlando, we also recommend Frontier Airlines. Now, their tickets are cheaper for a reason (a little less cushy), but they’ll also safely get you to the Most Magical Place on Earth, and that’s what matters, right?

Frontier Airlines plane

We also see them adding nonstop routes to Orlando airport fairly often, which is a good sign it may be easier to find a quick nonstop flight from your city currently, or in the near future.

Just be sure to add up any baggage fees you’ll need to pay before you jump at the cheap ticket price — it may not be as good of a deal as you think.

Here’s how to score a Frontier flight for under $20!

Breeze Airways

Speaking of budget airlines that are slowly growing, Breeze Airways has also been moving up the ranks recently, so keep your eye on them as well! Like Frontier, they’ve been adding more nonstop routes to and from Orlando at lower costs than what some other airlines offer. 

©Breeze Airways

Now, this airline isn’t all over just yet, and they’re especially not super prominent in the Northwest part of the country, but they have a lot of spots on the east coast, so if that’s where you’re located, you may be in luck!

©Breeze Airways

Again with Breeze, though, be aware of charges for bags, seats, and other incidentals that can make your cheap ticket much more pricey than you bargained for.

Now, if you have a different preferred airline, that’s fantastic! But if you really don’t know where to begin, these are some good ones to start researching and seeing what’s available. We’re always keeping you updated with the latest travel news here at AllEars, so stay tuned to our blog!

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What’s your preferred airline to fly with and why? Tell us in the comments!

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