6 Disney World App Warnings You Don’t Want To See Under Any Circumstance

You’ve probably spent so much time planning what you want to see during your next Disney World vacation that you might have overlooked what you don’t want to see!

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Between closures, bad weather, and large crowds, there’s PLENTY you want to avoid when you’re vacationing at Disney World. But did you know one of those things could include a notification on your phone?

When it comes to navigating Disney World, the My Disney Experience app is the gateway to pretty much everything. Maps, room keys, park tickets, dining reservations, lightning lanes — you name it, the app takes care of it.


The app is super important to a Disney World vacation and that’s why it can be terrifying when certain warnings pop up while you’re using it. We’ve seen quite a few warnings during our park days — these are the ones that scared us the most.

Weather Warning

While we’d like to believe the Disney World bubble protects guests from Mother Nature, that’s simply not the case.

Hurricane Ian alert from September 2022

Alas, you may see weather warnings on the My Disney Experience app from time to time, especially during hurricane season. While these warnings can make you feel uneasy, they’re reminders that Disney plans for severe weather and is monitoring the conditions to provide a safe atmosphere for its guests.

Still, getting this warning stinks, as it could be likely that bad weather will at the very least dampen your vacation.

Dining Reservation Issues

While we recommend making your dining reservations 60 days in advance, it won’t hurt to check to see what’s available while you’re on vacation.


If you don’t currently have a dining reservation and you’re searching frantically for one, the last thing you want to see is that new dining reservations aren’t available online or over the phone. 

We have seen this in the past and we can’t think of a scenario where seeing this warning is a good thing. If this or any other warnings pop up, we recommend refreshing your browser and/or relaunching the app until it’s fixed. You can also pay a visit to Guest Relations.

Genie+ Is Broken

Another warning we’ve seen pop up is Genie+ malfunctioning.

Uh oh!

When you see this warning, you will be unable to make new Lightning Lane selections, purchases, or modifications. This one hurts especially bad considering Genie+ is a paid service.

Once again, we preach patience or visiting Guest Relations if you see this warning.

Virtual Queue Delay

You woke up super early to book your 7AM virtual queue reservation, only to see issues with the ride and/or reservation process. Bummer.


It can feel like a waste of time to cut short your sleep to try to reserve a spot in a virtual queue, only to see the “request to join” window delayed. We’ve seen this before and, while it’s not the worst thing on this list, it’s not exactly a pleasant notification either.

The App Is Unavailable

One of the worst warnings you can see on the My Disney Experience app is that the app itself is undergoing maintenance.


The warning reads, “Some of our digital experiences are undergoing maintenance and may currently be unavailable.” When this warning has popped up in the past, we had trouble navigating the app. Mobile orders and Genie+ could both be affected, which is obviously a major issue. Fortunately, we’ve seen the issues resolve themselves within a day. Still, we dread seeing this warning.

Wait Time Inaccuracies

Don’t you just hate it when you look at the app for wait times, see something that looks like a low wait, and it’s actually super long when you actually get to the queue?


We have seen the app warn of inaccurate wait times, which is especially a problem considering the size of the Disney Parks. The My Disney Experience app provides wait times so you don’t have to trek around the parks and chance long waits. When that feature isn’t working, chances are you’re going to waste a ton of time running around needlessly.

In-App Purchases

This seventh warning and honorable (or dishonorable?) mention isn’t so much a bad warning as it is a grim reminder.


The In-App Purchases warning is simply a reminder that those photos you keep downloading from PhotoPass aren’t free. The app will automatically link to your card on file for anything that requires purchase. This warning erases confusion but also serves as a reminder that you are truly never done spending money during your Disney World vacation.

Have you ever seen any of these warnings on the app? Let us know and stay tuned right here at AllEars for the latest Disney World news, tips, and more!

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What’s the worst warning you’ve seen on the My Disney Experience app? Let us know in the comments!

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