9 Reasons This Summer At Disney World Will Be Brutal

We try to prepare you for all kinds of situations that can occur in Disney World. We’ve seen the theme parks have a rough start to the morning, transportation hiccups, and ride wait times that you could literally waste half of your park day waiting to ride.

Cinderella Castle

So we’re begging you to look ahead to your summer trip you’re eagerly counting down, and ready yourselves now.

If you ask us, your next trip to Disney World can be what you make of it. Sure, things can go awry, but if you’re careful, you can have the trip you’ve always dreamed of with the least chance of bumps along the way.

Animal Kingdom

Since we’re all about being prepared here, we’re giving you 9 reasons your trip to Disney World could be brutal this summer if you’re not prepared. Let’s take a look at what tops our list of reasons.

Bad Weather

Storms and rainy days aren’t fun — especially in the middle of your super sunny, hot, summer day at Disney World. If you’re planning to visit Disney World during the summer though, you should be prepared for this to happen practically every day.

Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street U.S.A.

While the typical afternoon thunderstorms and rain showers are usually over within a few hours, you should also know that summer is hurricane season for Orlando. That does mean you could face some more severe tropical weather during your trip.


We know it’s not ideal, but it could make for a terribly unpleasant time if you’re not prepared! You’ll want to be sure you pack some rain gear, and it’s often a good idea to keep a change of socks and shoes with you.

Here’s what we pack for rainy days in Disney World

Genie+ prices

This is going to be a given with the expected rise in summer crowds, but paying to skip the standby lines and use Lightning Lanes with Genie+ could get more expensive.


We’ve consistently seen a rise in prices seasonally with Genie+ since tiered pricing was introduced to the program so it would stand to reason that if more people could potentially want to purchase the service, we could see those prices soar.

Here are the Genie+ basics!

The Heat

Sometimes it can feel so hot in Florida that you swear you could cook an egg on the sidewalk. This is where being prepared against the heat is going to be crucial!

It’s gonna be a scorcher

Florida summer heat is no joke, especially when mixed with the added nuisance of high humidity. When you have both of these working against your attempts to have the perfect day in Disney World’s parks, it could spell disaster. Make sure you’re well packed with water bottles, cooling towels, and fans, and be prepared to take necessary breaks and listen to your body when necessary.

New Attractions Opening In Frontierland

Frontierland might be like a ghost town right now, but give it a few months, and we anticipate it will be the most popular land in all of Magic Kingdom.


We’re expecting BIG attractions to open over the summer like Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Summer 2024

… and the reimagined Country Bear Jamboree.

“Bear” with us

Both of these are expected to bring the crowds and long lines.

CommuniCore Hall Finally Opening In EPCOT

Disney talked a lot of big game about Communicore Hall when it was still in its infancy, and now that we’re finally starting to see more of it take shape, we’re still uncertain of EVERYTHING Disney may decide to pack into here.

CommuniCore Hall sign

We already know that the building will be used as a meeting space for characters like Mickey and Friends, and a few spaces for events — but that’s where we get all the questions. Special events like beverage seminars and culinary demonstrations that used to be offered with select festivals have noticeably been missing since before the pandemic’s closures. Is there a possibility that we could see them happen once again here?

School’s Out For Summer

Sing it with us… schoooool’s out for Sum-mah, and that means you should expect the crowds to flock to Disney World.

That’s a wait!

Summer break is an extremely popular time to visit Disney World because it means that kids won’t have to miss any academic days of school and parents aren’t worried (as much) about sticking to schedules for things like when to eat and how soon to sleep because there’s less riding on responsibilities to get them up the next day. Between this and the sunnier weather, it’s hard for parents (and adults alike) to pass up an opportunity to go on vacation and enjoy some time in the sun.

On to the park!

One thing’s for sure though, strategy will be your best defense against the swarm of people that will be visiting (and it wouldn’t hurt to be flexible with those plans)!

Our best tips for conquering Disney World’s most crowded days

Everything, Everywhere, All At Once on June 10th

For the first few days of June specifically around Disney World, it might feel like the entire Disney World property is debuting new exciting things and that’s because… well, they kind of are.

Look out for CROWDS!

We’re expecting HUGE openings like EPCOT’s CommuniCore Hall…

All lit up

… ¡Celebración Encanto! in EPCOT…


…. meeting more Pixar friends at Pixar Place like Joy in Disney’s Hollywood Studios…


… meeting Timon and Rafiki at Conservation Station at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, themed limited-time treats and eats, and so much more.


If you find yourself overwhelmed with new things to try out this coming June, trust us, you won’t be alone!

More Crowds, More Dining Problems

You’ll have more than just elbow space to deal with when there are more crowds in town, and it could affect when and where you eat. Deciding where you plan to eat at Disney World (and grabbing those reservations as soon as possible) will be key for summer visits.


With more people in the parks, this also means there are more bellies to feed, and finding dining reservations after you’re in Disney World could prove to be more difficult than you thought.

Cosmic Ray’s lines

We’re also going to recommend making plans for mobile orders well in advance even for quick-service restaurants because they’ll probably be very backed up at the counters when everyone decides to eat at the same time.

Need Mobile Order help? We’ve got it!

Reservations Still Required For Annual Passholders

Being a Disney World annual passholder certainly has its perks, but one major drawback you could find this summer is the fact that APs STILL need to make park reservations by the old guidelines.

Annual Passholder card

While this rule was changed earlier this year for day-ticketed visitors, the same reservations are still required for APs visiting before 2 PM during the weekdays and for weekend visits to Magic Kingdom. So, if you have an annual pass, don’t forget about reservations before you head to the parks!

We’re always looking for ways to help you be best prepared for whenever you plan to visit Disney World, so be sure to check back in with us for all of our latest tips, tricks, and updates!

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