WARNING: There’s a Disappointing Park Problem That Happens at 6PM in Disney World

Even though Disney World is a “family” destination, there’s still plenty to do at night!

Animal Kingdom

From After Hours events to Extended Evening Hours to Disney Springs and the BoardWalk, you’ll find plenty to keep you entertained after sundown. However, there’s one spot that closes pretty early — and it may surprise you!

If you’re a longtime Disney World visitor, then you probably know what I’m about to say — Animal Kingdom often closes earlier than the other theme parks!

Animal Kingdom Entrance

Animal Kingdom is a unique situation among the four theme parks. Each night, the animals have to be cared for and fed, and because of that, the park typically closes early. This is often around 7 or 8PM during moderately busy times, but during the less busy times, it can be as early as 6PM. That means you’ll be leaving before the sun goes down!


When we recently asked our followers on Facebook what they thought Animal Kingdom’s biggest secret was, one person mentioned the fact that it closes early. They noted that even though they’d been before, they’d never seen the park after dark and that so many visitors get excited for their “big night in Animal Kingdom” only to be disappointed when the park closes at dinnertime.

Kilimanjaro Safaris

So if Animal Kingdom is closing so early, how do you get your money’s worth? Well, the first thing you should know is that Animal Kingdom is also often the first park to open. Getting there for rope drop and knocking out a couple of rides right away can make your day much more efficient than if you sleep in.

Pandora is STUNNING!

On the other side, Animal Kingdom crowds also tend to thin out significantly later in the afternoon, like 2-3 hours before park close. Many people choose Animal Kingdom as a half day park and like to hop somewhere else later in the day, so if you stay until the end, you might get to experience an empty park with low crowds and wait times.

Expedition Everest

No matter how you do the theme parks, we definitely encourage you to check the park hours before your visit so you’re prepared for whatever you encounter. You’d hate to be blindsided by an early closure, so just make sure to do your research!

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