4 Airlines Have Ended Flights to Orlando Airport

The Orlando Airport (MCO) is a busy airport!

Orlando International Airport

MCO is the number one busiest airport in Florida, the 11th busiest in the U.S., and the 39th busiest in the world. A lot of people want to be able to visit Orlando and all that it has to offer! With tourism and travel up, you would think that airlines would be adding flights to Orlando, except that is not the case for these four airlines.

Taking a non-stop flight to Orlando just got more challenging for some of these cities, and we want to update you if you plan to travel to Orlando soon.

Orlando Airport

Lynx Air

In October 2022, Lynx Air announced that they would start to offer flights to and from MCO and in January of 2023, flights started. Now just about a year later, Lynx Air had to cease operations on February 26th 2024. This decision was made due to “rising operating costs, high fuel prices, and increasing airport charges.” 

©Lynx Air

Spirit Airlines out of Raleigh-Durham International Airport

If you are used to flying to Orlando out of Raleigh- Durham in North Carolina, we have some bad news. Spirit has decided to stop operating a non-stop flight into Orlando. This route could always return, but for now, if you are looking for a non-stop flight, you will have to look at another airline.

©Spirit Airlines

Frontier Airlines from Harrisburg International Airport

At Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown, PA, Frontier Airlines has started to make some changes in their routes. The non-stop route from Harrisburg to Orlando is one of the routes being cut and will officially end on May 13th. There are more route changes planned that could end more flights to Orlando.

Flying on Frontier

JetBlue from Salt Lake City International Airport

At the end of June 2024, JetBlue is planning to stop 15 routes. One of the 15 routes happens to be to Orlando. JetBlue is seeking to stop flying unprofitable routes. After June of this year, passengers flying out of Salt Lake City will need to find another non-stop route that is not on JetBlue.

©JetBlue Airways

While we know that these announcements can be a bummer, there are pleanty of airlines that still have non-stop routes to Orlando. Some airlines are even adding new non-stop flights! Recently we found out that there will be four new non-stop flights being added to MCO! 

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What airline do you like to fly on to get to Orlando? Let us know in the comments!

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10 Replies to “4 Airlines Have Ended Flights to Orlando Airport”

  1. We ALWAYS take SOUTHWEST!! Best employees and no stupid add-ons. And, TWO BAGS pp still fly FREE!!!

  2. My wife & I and our entire family,will ALWAYS fly to MCO, with the very friendly & affordable,Southwest Airlines with excellent “friendly” in flight Customer Service,’FREE’snacks and beverages and usually,very polite flight staff,and they really do show,they care,with their Hearts!!❤️,like most Canadians try to do, each & every day…
    Well done Southwest!
    An Airlines with a ❤️

  3. I used to fly on Southwest airlines to and from MCI Airport in Kansas City, Missouri. Whenever I would arrive at MCO in Orlando , if it was raining out I would have to either have my luggage delivered to my home the following day , or wait hours for the rain to stop coming down before the luggage would be unloaded from the airplane and made available to the passenger owners of the luggage. That was the one drawback of my nonstop flights from Orlando to Kansas City, Missouri.

  4. Delta, always on time and offers a lot of destinations most via connections to all their hubs. They do need more gate space but all in all great customer service in flight & on the ground.

  5. I don’t want to EVER WASTE MY $$$ in Orlando where I used to because in the end, it’s a Stupid place to go & a bad return on investment.