🚨Transportation UPDATE🚨: See the NEW Bus Design in Disney World!

Disney buses may be many fans’ least favorite mode of transportation, but they’re still magical in their own little way!

Hello Disney Bus!

Disney buses are just one way to get around Disney World (there’s also the monorail, the Skyliner, boats, and Minnie Vans), and sometimes they’re not the most comfortable or accessible. But this NEW bus design may be solving some issues!

While there are familiar aspects of this bus, the layout and overall design are new. Up at the front of the bus, you’ll find two spots where wheelchairs and ECVs can be parked safely, with a seat belt to secure the person inside.

Accessible Seating

The regular seats on the bus also fold up to be quite small, leaving more room for people to stand.

The bus

And while charging ports aren’t new, it’s always cool to see these so cleverly installed on the bottom of the seats. This way, you can charge your phone while you travel!

Charging ports on the seats

Towards the back of the bus, there are also spots for strollers to be parked, or seats can be pulled down if it’s more beneficial to have normal seating.

Adaptable seating

While this bus doesn’t look the most cushy and comfortable, it gets the job done, and the new design can be accessible for all guests.

Off we go!

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One Reply to “🚨Transportation UPDATE🚨: See the NEW Bus Design in Disney World!”

  1. Worst possible design. Riding backwards is very uncomfortable.

    No poles for smaller people to hold

    Very handicapped and family unfriendly!

    I hated riding one