The 3 Big CHANGES You’ll See in Disney World This Winter

We’re heading into the winter season, and that means it’s getting CHILLY in Disney World!


If you’re used to Florida in the summertime (or most of the year), you might be surprised to know that it actually drops below 80 degrees for a few months. For a few days at the end of November, it has actually been down in the 50s, which is considered pretty nippy for the parks. So how do things CHANGE at Disney World when it gets cold?

Character Costumes

One of the most obvious changes out there is the updates made to character costumes. On the colder days, face characters will get additions like long sleeves and gloves to make their costumes warmer for outdoor meet-and-greets.

They’re in their winter clothes!

We also see this change in the parade, specifically with the Disney Princesses. The cold weather outfits aren’t exactly the same as their holiday outfits, but they’ve got a similar design — sometimes adding capes and jackets.

Hot Beverages

As it gets into the winter months, you’ll start to see more and more advertisements for hot beverages in the parks. Many of the quick service restaurants will offer hot cocoa on those nippy days.

Hot Cocoa

We’ve sometimes even spotted specialty cocoas and coffees with fun flavors, so be on the lookout for rare offerings as you’re walking around the park!

Water Effects

As it gets colder, Disney is forced to modify some of the water features in the parks, because nobody wants to get doused with a 40-degree spray! This means that splash pads might get turned of, as will some outdoor water features.

Casey Jr. Splash Pad

During a recent cold day in the parks, we noticed that the spitting camels in Adventureland were not operational. Along that vein, you might also see the giant spitting Stitch at World of Disney in Disney Springs turned off during the season.


So pay attention during your next winter visit to Disney World — you might be experiencing the parks in a unique way! We’ll be on the lookout for any more cold weather updates. Stay tuned to AllEars.

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