9 Absolutely Free Things a Disney World Travel Agent Can Do For You

It’s true — planning a Disney World vacation has become well,… complicated. Between navigating Genie+, new hotel promotions, and tickets selling out, it’s enough to make your head spin. Luckily, we’ve got just the suggestion to help you out!

Disney World

Travel Agents are there to help you plan your next Disney World vacation every step of the way, but there are still people who have reservations about enlisting a little bit of help planning their vacations. We’re giving you a few top reasons WHY you should be using a travel agent when planning your next Disney World vacation.

Disney World vacations are as magical as you want to make them, but sometimes you need a little more than just “faith, trust, and pixie dust” …. you need help!

Disney World

If you’re looking for a travel agent to help with your vacation, we recommend our friends at Mouse Fan Travel. They’re experts in the field with over 20 years of vacation planning experience, and they can help take a bunch of the stress out of the entire booking process for you!

Disney Vacation Planner

What better help is there than FREE help and advice? When you work with a travel agent that specializes in Disney World vacations, you’re learning from a trained expert. It’s their job to know the ins and outs of Disney World and all the tips and tricks along the way to help give you the best vacation you can possibly have. When you work with a travel agent, they’re paid a commission from Disney so you’re not paying for extra help on your vacation. When you book these vacations on your own, you’re paying for a service you’re not using — so here’s a little bit about what they can do for you, for FREE!

Book Your Trip

While this one seems pretty straightforward, let’s remember, there are those of us out there who aren’t as well-versed in Disney jargon and all that the booking process entails.

There’s not really a bad day at Disney World, no matter how you choose to spend your time!

Booking a hotel and ticket package isn’t so straightforward anymore, especially as we get closer to 2024. There are so many other factors to think about here — how close do you want to be to the transportation, to your favorite park, or which hotel has the best water slide?

The Disney World parks are huge!

Will you be park hopping and visiting more than one park per day or is one park enough for you to tackle day by day? Will you be taking your own pictures or do you want the discounted memory maker photo package bundled into your hotel? And how could we leave out the Disney Dining Plan returning and if that’s something you want to bundle to help your vacation feel more all-inclusive?

 Help You Plan

Once you get past that initial conversation about booking your Disney World trip and making your package selections, this is where the magic really starts to happen! Your travel agent will work with you to make you the expert and in charge of your own vacation.

Slinky Dog Dash

They’ll help you plan as little or as much as you would like and help recommend customized options based on the things that matter most to you. This is the part where it’s super helpful to be as transparent about your wants and wishes with your travel agent as possible so they can help tailor your experience (and possibly your expectations) based on their knowledge and understanding of Disney World.

Consult & Book Special Experiences

Have you ever passed by a droid that was newly built, a child just beaming from their Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique makeover, or see the floating fireworks cruises around the lagoon and think “I wonder how you get to do THAT?” That’s where your agent steps in to help!

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

On top of being able to customize your in-park experience for the day-to-day visit, the more you work in tandem with your travel agent, the more they learn about you, your family, and what would really make that next Disney World trip extra special.

Droid Depot

Listen to your agent, or ask about these experiences as your conversations continue about your upcoming Disney World visit to see what the booking processes and pricing are for each individual experience you want to enjoy.

Translate Genie+

We’ve already talked about Disney on its most basic level, but even the most expert Disney World visitor can get tripped up with Genie+.


Most likely your travel agent that you’re working with will proactively want to equip you with the most precise information on what Genie+ is and how to make it work to your best advantage.


While they can’t guarantee it is a flawless system, you’ll know how to work Genie+ strategies and pick up lightning lanes well before other folks in the park helping you have the best chance at a smoother Disney World vacation and do the rides, attractions, and meet and greets that matter most to you and your family. Additionally, talking over basic troubleshooting steps, where to go in the park for help when you get stuck, and which attractions are most commonly booked first, are all great tips to have in your arsenal.

Offer Strategies & Planned Itineraries

We get it, this isn’t going to be cookie-cutter to every visitor and every destination and that’s why it’s so important to work along with your travel agent instead of against them. When you keep the conversation flowing about your wants and wishes for your vacation your travel agent can customize an itinerary with as detailed or as lax as you want your days to be!

Inside a Disney World Monorail

Also, if you’re more of a Disney veteran and just want another perspective on how to do things you’re already used to doing, talking over your plans with your travel agent even if you’ve visited 100 times before might uncover a few yet, effective tweaks to help you get the most out of your day and ultimately feel satisfied with the money you’ve spent on this vacation.

Book Your Dining Reservations

While there are a few things that travel agents can’t do for you, like book your park pass reservations, and choose your specific room at your hotel, they CAN book advanced dining reservations for you!

Ohana Breakfast

Start planning with your agent more than 60 days out if you have time so they can learn what types of food you like if you want to dine in the parks, see characters, and stay current on any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Don’t pass up an opportunity for an amazing meal at Disney World that you’ll be talking about for visits to come because you didn’t talk over options with your agent.

Look For Discounts, Promotions, and Ways To Save Money

When was the last time you found someone who was EXCITED to make less money? Look no further than your travel agent! As we mentioned before, travel agents are paid by Disney when you book with them rather than booking on your own so when a promotion or offer becomes available that discounts your cost, it means they make less money in the commission for the booking, but trust us — they’re happy to do it!

Art of Animation

Most of the time when promotions launch there’s a whole slew of Disney tech troubles that lead to hours sitting on the phone or trying to access the changes page on your reservation. Do you really have the time to sit on the phone or computer all day? Why mess with all of that aggravation when you can have someone else do that for you?

Wilderness Lodge

While Disney puts out promotions and special offers from time to time, they’re certainly not going to be reaching out to you if your hotel or package booking is compatible to help you save money. However, your trusted travel agent will be working hard to save you money and get you the best experience at the greatest value possible. Saving you money and getting the best price for you is part of their job, and the best thank you you can offer to your agent for a job well done is to refer a friend, or family member, and use them on your next vacation!

 Help You Out With Arrival and Departure Issues

If you’ve ever experienced some drama before or after your Disney World vacation… tell us if you had a trusted travel agent to help step in and advocate on your behalf. Within reason, travel agents are able to step in and assist when severe weather, cancellations, and issues arise.

Flying away

However, we do ask that you recognize there could be boundaries to this like when filing for a travel insurance claim or flight cancellation credit where the company will want to speak with you directly after your agent gets the ball rolling for you.

Help You Plan Your Next Trip Before This One Is Over

The beloved bounce-back offers have been returning quietly to Disney World and your travel agent WANTS you to take advantage of these while you can!

Pop Century

Bounce Back offers exist as a way to give an incredible discount, offer, or savings to those who are already experiencing a Disney World vacation, but you MUST book these BEFORE leaving your current Disney World trip. If you’re not totally sure about these, ask your front desk and your agent about the current offers.

Disney’s Yacht & Beach Club Resort

The hotel will help you book the offer and will work with your agent to see that the new booking gets placed with the agency so they can continue to help you on your next travel. A similar program exists for Disney Cruise Lines, so be sure to ask your travel agent about placeholders before you sail, too!

All of these are ideal reasons to work with a travel agent at no additional cost to you, don’t you think? Be sure you’re following us at AllEars for the latest in Disney news, updates, and more!

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