NEWS: Orlando Airport Announces CHANGES Planned for Next Decade

Flying can be stressful in any airport, but especially when it’s a larger one like the Orlando Airport.

Orlando Airport

Recent reports have shown that record-breaking crowds have passed through the airport in 2023, and it’s actually one of the cheapest airports in the country. The airport has recently revealed some of the plans they hope to accomplish over the next ten years — let’s check them out!

The 10-year plan “identifies four key priorities: connections, community, innovation and people (employees, customers, residents, visitors, business partners and more),” according to the Orlando Business Journal.

MCO Airport

Some possible goals include:

  • Partnering with theme parks to improve security checkpoint queues, install biometrics to increase throughput, and provide family lanes.
  • Becoming the first large airport in Florida to incorporate electric vertical take-off and landing technology within the next decade.
  • Beginning a monthly CEO lunch initiative with employees to host open discussions.
MCO Airport

This process was started over a year ago, and since then, “an 11-member steering committee held 55 outreach meetings which more than 600 people attended, processed 800 stakeholder surveys and led 20 internal workshops.” Studies have shown that airports need to keep up with modernization, and this plan is one way to do that, per Orlando Business Journal.

Orlando Airport

We’ll be sure to keep up with any and all news about these updates, so stay tuned to AllEars!

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What would you like to see Orlando Airport add or change over the next ten years? Tell us in the comments!

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5 Replies to “NEWS: Orlando Airport Announces CHANGES Planned for Next Decade”

  1. Incorporate a commercial lane at terminal A and B so commercial vehicles can move into pickup areas without the congestion of traffic that is the norm when flights are delayed and drivers are fighting to move into the Arriving lane .Terminal C has it right.

  2. It’s absolutely wonderful for the airport to set out to rennovate and heighten its standards of quality.

    Now if only the airlines could do the same. How many widespread cancelations and massive delays have people endored for the past few years? That desperately needs to change as well.

  3. For those of us that use luggage pickup and transportation to Disney, it’s nightmare. Arrive on one level, go down a level to get your luggage, go back up a level to cross over to the other terminal, then go down 3 levels to pick up transportation to Disney. I have no idea how terminal C fits in but I can’t imagine that it is much better. Also get rid of the carpets. Difficult to push a wheelchair.

  4. Yes!! Need more Delta planes and hubs!! I had to wait 6 hrs to fly back home in September 24th! Took a 16 hr day to reach my front door! Would like a full refund!