5 Things You Should NEVER Do at Disney World Restaurants

Yep, we said it… there are just some things you should NEVER do at Disney World restaurants.

Magic Kingdom

Disney World restaurants can be the best, but they can also be the worst depending on your expectations and experience. We know it’s already a tough battle deciding on where you want to eat when you’re on vacation and battling the crowds, but get ready for us to complicate it just a bit! We’re giving you a whole list of things you shouldn’t do when dining at Disney World.

With so many options to explore at Disney for where you want to take the time to sit down, relax, refuel, and get on with the rest of your vacation we know it’s enough to make your head spin.

50’s Prime Time Restaurant

And while all of that is great to keep in mind no one seems to take caution in the things you shouldn’t be doing at these restaurants, but don’t worry, we’re here to look out for you. So here are 5 things that you should never do while dining at Disney World.

Never Stay Quiet About Dietary Needs, Restrictions, Or Allergies

If you think you should say something in regard to an allergy or dietary need, YOU’RE RIGHT!

Table Service chefs consult with guests to address their dietary needs.

Cast members around the Disney restaurants want nothing more than for the folks they’re waiting on to have an exceptional time dining in their care, and that includes taking care of you. BUT, they don’t know what they don’t know so sometimes they have no way of knowing about dietary needs unless you proactively tell them. Disney is great about working with you to find out what modifications or alternate menu items are best for you and your unique needs and they will certainly be happy to do that each and every time as long as they’re discussed between you when you’re discussing your dining options.

Allergy notation!

It’s always a great practice to double-check a reservation with your server once you’re sat down too, especially if you’ve made prior notations. Often times the server or chef may have follow-up questions to certain situations and keeping those lines of communication open is key.

Never Be Rude To Cast Members

This may sound like a given but you’d be surprised how much it happens.

Shiki-Sai Employees

Cast members are there to assist with creating a wonderful experience for you and your family but they’re also human. They have real thoughts, feelings, and restrictions on how far their “magic” goes. It’s always important when faced with a less-than-desirable situation that you collect your thoughts cohesively, speak respectfully, and address them with the correct department in as much of a professional way as possible.

Fountain View server

In an age where you can choose to be anything, choose to be kind and set a great example to all the children who may be watching — bonus points because you’ll make the Cast Member’s day that much smoother.

Never Rush Through Your Meal

This might seem really bizarre to some, but hear us out. Don’t try to rush through your meals while at Disney World.

Chef Mickey’s

Take for instance an early morning breakfast. Some restaurants allow you to make reservations earlier than the park officially opens to get some time in to eat before you start your day. However, we’ve heard tales of folks who book these meals specifically to speed through them so they can get right out in the park as the rides begin to open for the day.

Breakfast at The Crystal Palace

We hope to encourage you to savor the meal that you’re (likely) paying so much for, sample everything you intend to from the menu, and do your best not to get antsy and in a hurry. If you’re dining with other people in your group they also probably wouldn’t appreciate being rushed and you’ll be saving yourself an argument and hurt feelings in the long run if you can start your day out on the right foot (and a full tummy).

Never Forget To Tip Your Server

Sometimes mistakes happen, and we totally get it, but tipping your server should be one of the top priorities to never forget when dining out.

Servers at The Boathouse

These cast members are working hard to provide you with the best skill, care, and attention to help make your dining as enjoyable as possible so the best thank you one could possibly offer, is to tip them for the care in return.

Never Forget To Check The Dress Code

This one has been thrown in the lineup with just cause; if you’re dining at a Signature dining restaurant, chances are there’s at least a bit of a dress code.


Signature dining restaurants are known to be some of the fancier style dining experiences and usually have at least a basic guideline of clothing standards for their dining rooms. While some are more strict with outlining the formal attire folks expecting to dine here should adhere to, there are others that are more relaxed and casual. Most of the relaxed signature dining experiences will ask you to wear a nice outfit, shirt, slacks, and closed-toed shoes. But these can sometimes be missed when making a reservation in a hurry with the policy page or agent over the phone.

Chef’s Table at Victoria & Albert’s

This could lead to a really disappointing experience if you were to be turned away from somewhere you’ve really had your sights set on to eat.

So as you can see while there are plenty of things you CAN do while dining in a Disney restaurant, there are just a few more that you NEVER want to forget! For the latest in Disney park news and updates, be sure to check back in with us at AllEars.

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What’s your best tip for dining at Disney World? Tell us in the comments below!

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4 Replies to “5 Things You Should NEVER Do at Disney World Restaurants”

  1. Please always tip your servers. They do work hard!!!!!And I agree. Don’t rush through your meal. Enjoy the chance to sit down in air conditioning. Relax znd enjoy the food.

  2. Starting in the late afternoon any beverage I have needs to be sugar free and caffeine free. It’s very frustrating when dining at a location where the beverage is included that there is nothing I can have except for water. With all of the Coke products they serve why can’t they add Sprite Zero? On our last trip one server argued with me and tried to tell me that Coke Zero only has a little caffeine in it. Even a little will keep me up until 3am.

  3. At every Disney restaurant it’s a great practice to actually get to know your server right up front and introduce yourself and your party. Treat the server and staff like people you want to know and want them to care about you. They are some of the hardest working people and they are often under appreciated. In the past I’ve even taken the time to write thank-you letters and mail them to Disney management. It can make a huge difference in that employee’s morale and maybe their pay and work status.