How I Rode ALL 51 Disney World Rides in 2 Days…And Why You Probably Shouldn’t

I did it! I rode every single Disney World ride in just two days — and you can, too.

Fry Bucket at Cinderella Castle

It’s my job to take on insane Disney World ride challenges. One time, I attempted to ride everything in Disney World without being able to sleep! Recently, I pulled off actually riding all 51 rides across the four Disney World theme parks in just two days. Now, I’m sharing my five biggest tips to riding as much as you can in DIsney World — and why you might not want to.

Before we dive in, you can check out the full challenge (complete with my strategy) in this video. Watch here!

But now, let’s talk about those five huge tips to get you through as many Disney World rides as possible.

1. Keep an eye on park hours! 

You might think that it makes the most sense to knock out a park all at once but strategic park hopping can actually be a big win. I spent time in Magic Kingdom on both days because it stayed open later than the other parks!

Cinderella Castle

It’s important to keep an eye on what times the parks close. Disney’s Animal Kingdom closes earlier than the other parks usually so you don’t want to be caught there without enough time to do everything you wanted to do.


On the other hand, Magic Kingdom typically closes later! If you’re trying to maximize park time, you actually don’t want to focus on Magic Kingdom too much because you might end up with it being the only park open. I started Day 1 at Magic Kingdom, hopped to other parks at 2PM, returned to Magic Kingdom at 9PM that night, and then went back again at 9PM on the night of Day 2.

2. Get your Lightning Lanes for later in the day and stack them. 

To really maximize your Disney World time, you’re probably going to want to use Genie+, Disney’s paid skip-the-line service. Genie+ is pretty complicated, so make sure to read up beforehand to make the most of the service!

Hollywood Studios

When you book a Genie+ Lightning Lane, you can’t book another until you either use that one or wait through a two-hour “cooldown”. The best strategy here is to book the ones that are latest in the day and keep doing that after every two-hour cooldown. That way, when you get to the afternoon, you have a bunch of Lightning Lane reservations that you can do in a row.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This also makes sure you’re using the Lightning Lane for the more popular rides and you can opt for standby on rides with typically shorter waits.

3. It’s all about rope drop. 

Rope drop is a term people use for the first few hours after the theme park is open (named for when they used to drop a physical rope at the start of the day). In this time, rides typically see some of the shortest wait times that they will see all day!

Tree of Life

It’s super important to have a clear strategy for this time. You can ride some very popular rides with super short waits in the first few hours of the day and avoid their hour+ waits later.

I also recommend starting your day in the parks with high-priority attractions — even if it means an extra park hop. Right now, that meant starting in Magic Kingdom one day and EPCOT the other for their Virtual Queues (for TRON Lightcycle / Run and Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, respectively).

TRON Lightcycle / Run

Having a good rope drop strategy could get your through way more attractions than you expect before the lines start to pick up for the day!

4. Mobile Order and eat on the go. 

Next up, maximizing ride time sometimes means minimizing time for other things — like eating. But, you still need to make sure you’re snacking when you’re in Disney World (especially with all of the energy you’re expending!). To do so, I highly recommend using Mobile Order in the My Disney Experience app.


You can Mobile Order on the go (whether in line or on the way to your next attraction) and then pick up the item without waiting in a long line. Then, eating on the go is your next key to success! Bring your snack in line or on the monorail!

5. Wear comfortable clothing! 

This one might seem like it’s not as important, but it is one of the most important Disney World tips. It can be tempting to wear the super cute, Instagrammable outfit — and that’s fine as long as its comfy! It’s super important that you are comfortable in the heat and with all of the movement you’ll be doing.

Main Street

Make sure those shoes are broken in, you’re avoiding any potential chafe situations, and you like the way you feel in your clothes. I’m a huge fan of athleisure for the parks! If you need suggestions, go ahead and check out AllEars Style for some outfit ideas!

Why You Shouldn’t Ride Every Disney World Ride in 2 Days

Now, with all those tips, you certainly might be able to ride every Disney World ride in 2 days. I’m living proof that it’s possible! But, you probably shouldn’t do so. Disney World has amazing rides yes, but a ride challenge like this probably isn’t the way to make the most of your vacation.

Winnie the Pooh

For one, this is exhausting. It’s certainly not restful in any way and may leave you too tired to enjoy all of the attractions. It also can really bog down your time and mean you won’t be able to do things like see fireworks, meet characters, or eat table service meals. I missed my first chance to see Happily Ever After since it returned to Magic Kingdom while trying to do this challenge!

And you probably don’t need to ride every ride in Disney World! There are likely attractions you tend to skip. Maybe you don’t care about Star Tours or Liberty Belle Riverboat. You might not be a Kali River Rapids kind of person! All of that is ok and makes perfect sense! You can skip those rides and have more fun for other things. Doing everything doesn’t automatically make for the best trip.

Happily Ever After

All in all, you should use the tips in this article to get through all of your priorities — whatever they are. Make a priority list and take advantage of some of these ride challenge strategies to have the best vacation — but don’t tire yourself out rushing through every ride…unless you really want the bragging rights.

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