Could This Disney Survey Signal Potential Price CHANGES?

Whether guests feel like it makes a difference or not, Disney does spend time listening to customer feedback to help improve guest experiences.

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It isn’t uncommon to receive a request to fill out a survey after your trip. One of our reporters received one this week, and we thought some of the questions were just too interesting not to share!

The first thing the questionnaire was interested in was our opinion on the value of our trip, or in other words whether we felt the price we paid was fair for what we received.

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These questions then went more in-depth, asking how we felt about the value of different aspects of our trip like food and beverages as well as theme park tickets.

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They also asked how much we spent in total.

The Best Way to Spend $10 in Disney World

We were asked about the overall cost of what was spent on our most recent trip.

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The survey showed that Disney is interested to learn how guests are budgeting to afford their trips. They asked what sort of ways we may have planned our trip to make it more affordable.

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Speaking of planning — another question asked how easy or difficult it was to plan the trip.

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Overall the survey seemed very focused on whether we felt like we got enough bang for our buck. This may be due to the pushback against continuous price increases; Disney might be interested to see exactly where guests are most unhappy with costs and whether the current prices are actually reflective of the quality visitors receive.

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Whether or not this will affect our future trips remains to be seen! Stay tuned to our site for more updates as well as helpful tips for planning your future Disney trips.

Are you a planner or someone who goes with the flow? We talked about planning for Disney World in one of our latest videos; watch it below!

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If you could provide one piece of feedback based on your last Disney World trip, what would that be? Comment below!

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4 Replies to “Could This Disney Survey Signal Potential Price CHANGES?”

  1. I just wish Disney would ask some open ended questions like “If Disney could do things to make your vacation easier and more enjoyable, what would the top three be?” or “What are three things you didn’t you like about the vacation you just had at Disney?”. Rather than questions that seemed aimed at affirming Disney is doing the right thing. If I ran Disney, I’d want to know what it is that Disney currently does that would make it less likely people who visit Disney would return or go less often OR would make it less likely their friends or family would go. Prior to the pandemic and all the changes (and make no mistake Disney made a good profit before the pandemic) I would unequivocally encourage people to go. That is no longer the case.

  2. The dining is to expensive for a family of five . Would be nice we could share some meals to get a little break . I understand about buffets are family style but no reason not to split at be our guest or similar places