“If Anybody’s Worried That We’re Pulling Back, We’re Not,” Comments Disney Executive

It’s been change after change at The Walt Disney Company lately.

Cinderella Castle

Between a CEO shakeup, more executives leaving, a new Board Chair, and a proxy fight — Disney has had its hands full. But, that hasn’t slowed the company down when it comes to investing in the latest technologies and ways to bring new experiences to guests. And, Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro said “that’s not going to stop” as long as he’s in charge.

Josh D’Amaro is ready to hit the gas on Disney park improvements and growth. In an interview with AllEars and our colleagues, he was adamant that the future is now. Despite budget struggles in other areas of The Walt Disney Company, he and his team are ready to invest in the future of the parks.

Josh D’Amaro, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, at D23 Expo

The parks’ profitability subsidizes many of the company’s other up and coming projects, but D’Amaro is not showing signs of slowing down or playing it safe when it comes to what could be some of the company’s biggest moves ever in the theme park industry.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Not only that, but he’s excited to continue to improve the park going experience for guests. Disney recently made quite a few changes when it comes to the guest experience. Annual Passholders will soon no longer need park pass reservations in Disney World after 2PM on weekdays, plus PhotoPass downloads will be complimentary for Disneyland guests, and free with Genie+ in Disney World.

Annual Passholder entrance at EPCOT

According to D’Amaro, the goal is a positive park experience for everyone — whether they’re pros or new to the parks. And luckily, “The Disney+ losses have not limited green-lighting new projects in the parks,” says D’Amaro. Losses elsewhere “do not affect” what Disney does in the parks.

“We’re accelerating the additions to the parks. We’re not holding back.” D’Amaro also shared that some of their biggest projects ever are on the horizon. “We have no shortage of money — we want to make sure we do the biggest things, the coolest things, the things that represent the future.”


And when it comes to the Disney parks, D’Amaro has no plans to stop investing in the future. “Our capital spending is higher than it’s ever been before. People are looking for reasons that we shouldn’t be investing but we’re investing more. That is not going to stop as long as I’m in charge. If anybody’s worried that ‘they’re pulling back’ — we’re not.”

Rise of the Resistance

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2 Replies to ““If Anybody’s Worried That We’re Pulling Back, We’re Not,” Comments Disney Executive”

  1. A lot of people would be happy with fixing what you already have. Nothing like spending a ton of money only to find your favorite ride broken down, again.

  2. Just so long as he follows the saying which was important in Disney which is ” What would Walt do ” and not get him angry. And Josh has not answered his e-mails on his Disney acct. So Joshua do things right!