Disney World Is Falling Apart…Literally 😳

Disney World might be the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it’s also home to unexpected closures of popular rides, technical difficulties, and all kinds of potential issues.

Oh No

We’ve seen our fair share of hilarious ride malfunctions and evacuations, flooded stores, and other problems, but today we found something unexpected in Disney Springs.

While we were at Disney Springs today, we walked past the fountain in front of the Lime Garage and saw that part of the fountain had completely broken! 😯 Looks like someone had one too many moonshine drinks at Homecomin’ or just had a total collapse after looking at their Disney World bill. 😂

Rough Day Bud?

While we were there, we saw a Cast Member inside the fountain, assessing the damage.

As we stood near the area, we saw there were about 8 Cast Members and what appeared to be contractors in the area looking at the fountain, but they did not indicate what had caused this damage.

What Happened?

We noticed the Cast Member in the water was looking at the fountain from top to bottom and all the way around, almost as if they were looking for further cracks.

What Happened Buddy?

Was it one penny too many that led this piece of the fountain to its demise? (😆 ) Could it have been a delayed effect of some impact sustained during Hurricane Ian? Did it decide that the Florida sun was too hot and decided to take a dip in the cool water below? We have so many questions. Does anyone have the number for the Scooby-Doo crew so we can get them on the case?

We Gotta Know

The truth is things do happen in Disney World. Animatronics break, malfunction, or go missing, rides have issues and temporarily shut down, and evacuations can happen — it’s the Most Magical Place on Earth, but it’s NOT the most perfect one.

That’s an important thing to discuss and prepare for ahead of your trip. Not necessarily fountains breaking (we’re not really sure that there’s any kind of impact to really prepare for there), but things breaking in general. You may want to discuss the possibility of a ride shutting down with little ones so they aren’t as disappointed if they encounter that scenario. You can come up with special backup plans to put into place if that does happen so you can add extra fun to the day!

Temporarily Closed

If you are ever evacuated from a ride, be sure to follow all Cast Member instructions so you and others can stay safe. Click here to see what an evacuation at Splash Mountain looks like.

And if you do ever encounter anything that is broken or experiencing issues, remember you can always reach out to Cast Members in the area for assistance or guidance.

Rise of the Resistance Temporary Closure

Though Disney does do maintenance on its rides and theme park areas, closures and other expected instances can happen. And sometimes things just don’t get fixed to their original form (we’re looking at you, Mr. Yeti). We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for updates on the Disney Springs fountain to see how that gets resolved in the coming days and weeks.

Click here to see why Disney World doesn’t always get fixed even when it’s falling apart

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What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve seen in Disney World? Tell us in the comments.

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8 Replies to “Disney World Is Falling Apart…Literally 😳”

  1. The sections of the break that are green/darker have probably been cracked for a while with seepage getting in it. The break, up by the rim, is clean and white that was the last part to finally break.

  2. The fountain failed due to poor construction. It is evident from the photo there was no metal reinforcement used when it was made.

  3. There are two ways to make money:
    1) Raise prices. Paycheck has mastered that.
    2) Cut costs. Such as maintenance. Remember the old days when light bulbs
    that had reached 75% of their life span were replaced. Rides were over maintained
    so they didn’t break down…Ahh, the old days.

  4. They need to close it down and fix all the things that are wrong. I read this morning that they are doing a big overhaul on space mountain. Make it the magical place that it used to be. Fix the rides and property. Mr. Disney would be turning in his grave if he saw the way Disney has declined since his passing.