Disney Just Released 12 (!!) NEW MagicBand+ Designs Online

Disney keeps releasing more and more new MagicBand+ designs!

MagicBand+ is officially here!

The MagicBand+ launched in Disney World this summer and people have been excited to try out its new features, such as lights, haptics, gesture recognition, and more. There are already plenty of designs to choose from and now you can add even MORE to the list!

Twelve (12!!) new MagicBand+ designs have arrived on shopDisney! They cost $44.99 each and we’ve seen some of them in Disney World — but now you’re free to shop for them online. Let’s jump right into the designs! The Chip ‘n’ Dale MagicBand+ is red and yellow with several Chips and Dales playing with peanuts and acorns.


The Spider-Man MagicBand+ has Spidey swinging some webs on a red, blue, and white background.


The Sally MagicBand+ features Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, with an image of her and her signature.


And speaking of The Nightmare Before Christmas, there’s also a Jack Skellington MagicBand+.

Jack MagicBand+

Baby Yoda/Grogu gets his own band with the Grogu MagicBand+.

Grogu MagicBand+

You might spot the grin of a mischievous cat on the Cheshire Cat MagicBand+.


Celebrate Halloween with the Mickey Mouse Halloween MagicBand+!

Spooky MagicBand+

The iconic Star Wars duo stars on the C3P0 and R2D2 MagicBand+.

Star Wars MagicBand+

Gawrsh! It’s a Goofy MagicBand+.

Goofy MagicBand+

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway MagicBand+ features characters and scenes from the current Disney World ride — and the upcoming Disneyland ride.


The Bambi MagicBand+ is a sweet shade of lavender with Bambi, flowers, and butterflies.


And this Captain America Sam Wilson MagicBand+ celebrates the NEW Captain America.


You can find these new MagicBand+ designs on shopDisney for $44.99 each!

Click here to shop for one of the 12 NEW MagicBand+ designs!

Right now, the MagicBand+ can only be used in Disney World, where you can use it the same way you used an original MagicBand, plus the extra features. It’s expected to launch in Disneyland sometime in the future.


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