ALL of the NEW MagicBand+ Designs in Disney World Right Now

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MagicBand+ just dropped in Disney World, and there are a TON of designs!


This new version of MagicBand can do a lot more than the old ones. They’ll help you interact more in the parks by lighting up during shows, vibrating, and even let you wave to the character statues. But, just like the old MagicBands, there are also many different styles available for you to try out. So, let’s take a look!

We’re going to take a look at ALL of the MagicBand+ options we’ve seen in Disney World so far. They range in price from $34.99 to $44.99. We found all of these in The Emporium in Magic Kingdom, but you can also find them in other locations around Disney World, like the other parks, hotels, and Disney Springs.

SO many options!

First up, let’s cover the basic bands. These are just plain with Mickey heads in the middle and they come in a bunch of different colors! There’s black

Black band


White band


Red band


Blue band

light pink

Light pink band


Teal band

…and lilac.

Lilac band

There are also a bunch of bands featuring Mickey and Minnie! We have this red Minnie Mouse MagicBand+ that says “Mom…”

For the moms!

…and a blue one with Mickey Mouse that says “Dad.”

and the dads!

There is a gray band that has Mickey Mouses all over it…

Hey, Mickey!

…and a gray one with Minnie bows all over it!

A lot of polka dots

We also found this purple band with Minnie Mouse and a castle


…and a magenta band covered in Mickey-shaped snacks.

This might make you hungry

This black band with Mickeys made of rainbow swirls is fun, too.

Mickey rainbow

And, there’s a blue pride MagicBand+ featuring Mickey as well!

So colorful!

Some of the bands also focus more on the parks, like this one with a castle on it that says “Be Happy.”

Don’t worry, be happy

Or this band that’s covered in Disney World Park icons, including Tower of Terror, the EPCOT Ball (Spaceship Earth), the Tree of Life, and Cinderella Castle.

Disney Park Icons

We’ve also got a black band with fireworks all over it…

We wanna see this one light up!

…and a pink band with the 50th anniversary logo and Cinderella Castle on it.

To celebrate the 50th

But, what about other Disney characters? Don’t worry — there are plenty of those! There’s a band themed to Iron Man

Iron Man band

Black Panther

Black Panther band

…and Darth Vader.

Very cool!

There’s also a band featuring Grumpy

For the grumps out there

Buzz and Woody (and a green alien!)…

Paging Star Command

Tinker Bell


Orange Bird

This is great for summer!

…and Stitch! This one says “Ohana means family” in the middle.

Finish the quote!

Oh, and the Disney Princesses have a band, of course! They get a crown in the middle of their MagicBand+.

Princesses band

Take a closer look!


Some Pixar movies have bands as well, like this one for Monsters University

For back to school

…and this one themed to Up! It featured the balloons and the Wilderness Explorers logo.

So much going on here and we love it

If you want to channel your inner bounty hunter, you can check out this Star Wars one featuring Grogu from The Mandalorian!

It’s on the left!

But wait, there’s more! We also spotted more MagicBand+ designs. There’s one for Halloween

Spooky MagicBand+

Haunted Mansion

A MagicBand+ for Foolish Mortals

…the Main Street Electrical Parade

Main Street Electrical Parade

Jack Skellington

Jack MagicBand+



…and the Millennium Falcon.

Millennium Falcon

And, don’t forget about the charging cable! These new MagicBand+ need to be charged so you can use all of their features. But, don’t worry — they still work for basic things like scanning into the parks if they’re not charged! The charging cable is $7.99.

Not as exciting, but important!

There you have it! Now, do note that these are just the ones we’ve seen so far, so we’ll keep adding to this post if we find more designs.

To learn more about the new MagicBand+, check out How to Get a DISCOUNT on Disney’s MagicBand+Your Complete Guide to Setting Up MagicBand+ for Disney World, and watch us test it out in the parks!

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  1. Going to MNSSHP for the first time this year! Has WDW put out Halloween Magic Bands in the past? Just wondering if I should order now or wait and see if they release a Halloween Magic Band.