Genie+ Just Got More CONFUSING for Disney World Park Hoppers

Using Disney Genie+ practically requires a Ph.D. level of education at this point.


Genie+ and Individual Lightning Lanes are Disney’s new versions of the FastPass program, giving guests the opportunity to bypass standby lines by using the faster Lightning Lanes — but it comes at a price. Now, if you’re Park Hopping with Genie+, things are getting even MORE complicated, so come along with us as we figure this out together.

Disney Genie+ costs $15 per person, per day in Disney World, giving paying guests the ability to book qualifying rides’ Lightning Lanes throughout the day. There are a few complicated rules that can prove confusing, but we break it all down here if you want an overview.


On to the change we noticed today! When you plan your day in the My Disney Experience app, you can specify which parks you’re visiting, including if you’re Park Hopping. If you’re unfamiliar, Park Hopping currently begins at 2PM in Disney World, meaning you can’t switch to a second park until after that time. You also need a Park Pass Reservation for your FIRST park before you can Park Hop.

Park Hopper Sign

In the My Disney Experience app, you can select what time you’ll be Park Hopping and where. Previously, you could book Genie+ Lightning Lanes in your second park as early as 7AM (when Lightning Lane bookings open). In the past, Genie+ would default to showing you Lightning Lanes in your second park beginning around 2PM, since you couldn’t Park Hop until then anyway.

In other words, if you were going to start the day in Magic Kingdom and then park hop to Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the afternoon, you used to be able get on the app at 7AM and book a Lightning Lane in Animal Kingdom for after 2PM. Genie+ would default to showing you Lightning Lanes that started at 2PM when you told it that you were park hopping.


Now, however, this has changed. Instead of Park Hoppers seeing those defaulted 2PM available Lightning Lanes, you can’t book at all until the Lightning Lane shows 2PM availability for EVERYONE. That means you also can’t book a Lightning Lane with availability beginning at 1:45PM, even though the hour-long window would still work as long as you Park Hopped right at 2PM.

Jungle Cruise Lightning Lane entrance

Previously, Park Hoppers got first dibs on those 2PM Lightning Lanes. Now, they will have to wait until the 2PM Lightning Lanes show up for everyone.

Theoretically, this prevents 2PM Lightning Lanes from getting booked up early by Park Hoppers, and it puts everyone on an even playing field. But it does prevent you from taking advantage of this loophole as a Park Hopper. As a reminder, Genie+ shows current available booking times for everyone, meaning if you see a Lightning Lane open at 6:20PM, EVERYONE sees that same time available until it fills up and moves to the next time slot.


And if you’re familiar with “stacking,” the technique that allows guests to take advantage of the (confusing) 120-minute rule, this will be a little more complicated for Park Hoppers now. Now Park Hoppers will specifically have to wait to stack a second attraction (if they can) until after the attraction shows a 2PM or later return time. You can read more about stacking Genie+ Lightning Lanes here.

Genie+ lets you access the Lightning Lane at many Disney World attractions

Remember that some Lightning Lanes sell out FAST — so you still might see some 2PM or later Lightning Lanes available early in the morning. For example, Lightning Lanes for a popular ride like Jungle Cruise might get booked up so quickly that a 2PM slot will be the closest time available to book even at 8AM. We recommend checking Genie+ right at 7AM and then frequently checking back to see when you’re able to book.

If you’re still feeling overwhelmed or confused by Genie+, don’t stress! You can check out these posts for ALL the info you need to be successful with Genie+. We’ve got you covered!

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9 Replies to “Genie+ Just Got More CONFUSING for Disney World Park Hoppers”

  1. Just as a reminder, people don’t have to participate in any of this! It’s all by choice. Put the phone away, and enjoy the park without all the pressure.

  2. Sounds very complicated and very restrictive. It’s really put me off going again. It seems a holiday in WDW is only for people who have the quality of mind and body to do so. What are folks who have physical or mental difficulties supposed to do, how are they supposed to deal with the constant need to be holding a mobile phone and planning a full day needing a high level of organisational skill? Sounds way too stressful for them. The whole Genie and Genie + thing actually discriminates against them.

    1. Thank you Chriso, I thought it was just me that felt this way. I have a family member with a neurological issue that can’t remember what they had for lunch never mind keep track of something like this. I am skipping Genie + & going to just wing it when we go in the fall if I wanted to be stressed I would just stay at work rather than spend thousands for a vacation

  3. Just returned from a stay at Disney World and we found out about having to check into your 1st park before u can park hop the hard way. Knowing when our LL time frame was made it stress free going to the 2nd park. Now they seem to be adding more and more restrictions almost like they want to see just how far they can restrict access before their “guests” rise in open revolt. The number of use rules is ludicrous. You are supposed to be on vacation, not working at an unpaid 2nd job.

  4. So now, you might as well just not look up from your phone. You may (and I stress MAY) be able to see something on the attraction, but you will never really see anything around you in the parks…you need to check that phone…All The Time!