NEWS: Minnie Vans Are Returning to Disney World Soon

These days, there are TONS of ways to get around Walt Disney World.

Rideshare signs in Disney World

You could travel by monorail, boat, Disney Skyliner, or even your personal vehicle. One of the options that have grown popular in the past few years are rideshare services — they even got so popular that Disney introduced themed “Minnie Vans” in partnership with Lyft. Those Minnie Vans weren’t available when the parks reopened, but now they’re coming back!

What are the Minnie Vans? Well, they’re red-and-white polka-dotted vans that you can choose as a ride option through the Lyft app. They were pretty popular pre-COVID, so many guests were disappointed when they didn’t return after the reopening. But today, Disney announced on TikTok that they’re coming back this summer!


It really works! Minnie Vans connected by @Lyft are rolling back in this #Summer at #DisneyWorld 🚗 #Disney #DisneyParks #MinnieMouse #ToyCars #MinnieVan #CarTok #Water #Lyft

♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Disney World hasn’t announced an official date for their return, but we’ll be on the lookout. And this isn’t the only transportation update we’re expecting this year — we’re still waiting on the return of parking lot trams at the other three theme parks (they already came back to Magic Kingdom).

Minnie Van signage

We’ll keep you updated with any more transportation news from Disney World, as well as all the updates you need to know before your vacation!

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One Reply to “NEWS: Minnie Vans Are Returning to Disney World Soon”

  1. The biggest plus for Minnie Vans is getting you dropped off at MK. Up front with the busses instead of the TTC. Is it worth the extra $$? Depends.