Did Disney World Ticket Prices Increase? What You Need to Know.

Disney World has been seeing a lot of price increases lately, especially in food and special experiences.

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But now there’s been a major price increase in another (very important) aspect of your Disney World vacation. Certain ticket prices just went up in Disney World. Here are all the details.

Previously, we had shared that while the ticket price range for 2022 had not changed, certain dates were now falling into a “higher tier” category of pricing. That’s because Disney works with a date-specific pricing model, with each day priced differently based on the expected demand for that date. Because of this, ticket prices for 2022 range from $109 to $159.

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This brings us to the more recent price increases we’re seeing with tickets.  WDWMagic initially shared the news, as pointed out by reader Ryan Teetz, that several multi-day ticket prices have increased for Disney World.

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We looked further into this, and it does appear that single-park multi-day tickets, Park Hopper multi-day tickets, and Park Hopper Plus multi-day tickets were affected by a recent price increase.

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Note that there is a price range for each kind of ticket because prices can vary depending on the time of year and expected crowd levels. For instance, the holiday season will usually have the highest ticket prices, whereas less popular times (like the end of August and September) may have the lowest prices.

Single-Park, Multi-Day Park Tickets

For single-park multi-day park tickets, the cost per day for 1-, 2-, and 3- day park tickets remains the same as before ($109, $107, and $106, respectively). Here are the new starting prices for other multi-day tickets (tax not included):

  • 4-day: from $105 per day to $106 per day ($1 increase over 4 days: $4 increase)
  • 5-day: from $90 per day to $91 per day ($1 increase over 5 days: $5 increase)
  • 6-day: from $77 per day to $78 per day ($1 increase over 6 days: $6 increase)
  • 7-day: $68 per day to $69 per day ($1 increase over 7 days: $7 increase)
  • 8-day: $62 per day to $64 per day ($2 increase over 8 days: $16 increase)
  • 9-day: $57 per day to $59 per day ($2 increase over 9 days: $18 increase)
  • 10-day: $54 per day to $55 per day ($1 increase over 10 days: $10 increase)
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Since the prices can vary by date, we also took a look at the full range of prices (including tax). This is where we’re seeing some of the biggest price increases (the old starting prices were provided by WDWMagic) Here’s a look at the total price range changes:

  • 4-day: was $434.83-$596.74, now $447.70-$596.74
  • 5-day: was $463.56-$630.85, now $481.94 – $649.39
  • 6-day: was $477.79-$645.91, now $496.43-$672.25
  • 7-day: was $492.06-$661.56, now $511.10-$694.96
  • 8-day: was $518.17-$678.83, now $540.59-$721.18
  • 9-day: was $536.00-$691.93, now $561.29-$738.66
  • 10 day: was $553.69-$703.65, now $581.02 – $753.42

Although the starting price for a 10-day park ticket only increased by $1 per day, the upper range for these ticket prices increased by almost $50 (from $703.65 to $753.42). This is possible because the individual day ticket prices can increase depending on the time of year.

Park Hopper, Multi-day Park Tickets

There were also changes to prices if you add Park Hopper onto your tickets. Prices for 1-, 2-, 3-, and 4-day Park Hopper tickets did not change. These cost $174 (1-day), $144 (2-day), $131 (3-day) and $127 (4-day). Here’s a look at the starting prices that did change:

  • 5-day park hopper: $107 to $108 per day ($1 increase per day over 5 days: $5 increase)
  • 6-day park hopper: $91 to $92 per day ($1 increase per day over 6 days: $6 increase)
  • 7-day park hopper: $80 to $81 per day ($1 increase per day over 7 days: $7 increase)
  • 8-day park hopper: $73 to $74 per day ($1 increase per day over 8 days: $8 increase)
  • 9-day park hopper: $67 to $68 per day ($1 increase per day over 9 days: $9 increase)
  • 10-day park hopper: $62 to $64 per day ($2 increase per day over 10 days: $20 increase)
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We also saw changes to the range of ticket prices, like there were for the single-day, single-park ticket prices. Similar to those tickets, the highest price increase was for the upper range of 10-day Park Hopper tickets. These tickets increased in price by nearly $50.

Other Ticket Price Increases

Although the price ranges for single-day park tickets did not change (tickets are still starting at $109 and going up to $159), some days on the calendar are now showing higher prices than before. For example, March 1st, 2022, has a single-day, single-park ticket price of $139. On March 3rd, the ticket price is $134. And on March 14th, the price for this ticket is $144.


For those same dates last year, the ticket prices were $129 (for March 1st), $126 (for March 3rd), and $136 (for March 14th). The prices increased by $10 for the March 1st date, $8 for March 3rd, and $8 for March 14th. 


You can see a similar pattern for later on in the year. For September 2022, tickets on the 4th cost $134, the 16th is $134, and the 30th is $144.


In 2021, ticket prices on these same dates cost $132 (September 4th), $109 (September 16th), and $120 (September 30th). That is a price increase of $2 for the 4th, $25 for the 16th, and $24 for the 30th.


So although the price range for single-day, single-park tickets did not increase (it’s still $109 to $159), certain days are showing higher prices within that range than they showed in previous years.

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If you haven’t purchased your tickets for Disney World already, make sure you’re checking out those price differences before your next trip! And keep following AllEars for more of the latest news from Disney World.

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