3 BIG Transportation Changes Disney World Should Make

With Disney World celebrating its 50th Anniversary right now, there are a LOT of changes going on, including a massive EPCOT transformation! However, one (occasionally) controversial topic is the changes Disney has, or hasn’t, made to its transportation.

The Castle is extra EARidescent for the 50th Anniversary!

Over on our Facebook page, we asked our readers (that’s you!) about what changes Disney needed to make to its transportation. Here’s what you guys said!

Bring Back Magical Express

This was hands down the most requested change! Magical Express, Disney’s free service that transported guests to and from Orlando International Airport, officially ended in 2022, leaving guests without a free way to get to Disney World. One guest noted, “Bring [Magical Express] back. I’d happily pay for that service,” showing just how much fans love this service.

Disney’s Magical Express

For the time being, Magical Express has two main replacements: Mears Connect, which is run by the same company that operated Magical Express, and the Sunshine Flyer. Both of these services have similar pricing and features, but each has its unique quirks!

Mears Connect

Like we said, this was definitely the most talked-about topic among our readers, especially since the service was very recently discontinued.

Expand the Skyliner

The Skyliner has been a bit of a hot topic since their opening in 2019, with some guests absolutely loving them and others… not loving them. However, one thing many of our readers wanted were more Skyliner routes, with one reader wanting a “Skyliner to [Magic Kingdom], [Animal Kingdom], and Disney Springs,” and another wishing for a “Skyliner to Coronado springs hotel and Disney Springs.”

Disney Skyliner at EPCOT

While some readers had specific wishes when it came to these flying gondolas, many people just wanted full access to Disney World via Skyliner! One reader said “Skyliners everywhere would be amazing,” wishing for all the resorts and parks to be connected through Skyliner routes.

The Skyliner

While most readers wanted more of the Skyliner, some wanted it to go away entirely! For the most part, however, people want more of those fun Skyliners.

Make Buses More Convenient

Disney World’s bus line, which connects Disney’s resort hotels and theme parks, is the OG of Disney transportation nowadays. Although it’s consistent and relatively reliable, it’s far from the most convenient option. One reader noted that they “would like better bus management after last night. We were at the extended hours at MK and we waited way too long for buses,” while another asked for “more buses and frequent pick up times. The waits are way too long.”

Disney World Transport Bus

Long waits, cramped buses, and inconvenient routes were all major complaints about this form of transportation, with a reader saying “get the buses on a better schedule, I’d bring back the in park to in park transport.”

Disney Bus

Those are just a few of the transportation changes our readers wanted to make at Disney World! If you want to participate in our next reader-based article, check out our Facebook and Instagram, we post questions on both platforms! We’re always keeping up with the latest Disney news, so stay tuned here for more.

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What do you think about these transportation changes? Let us know in the comments! 

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4 Replies to “3 BIG Transportation Changes Disney World Should Make”

  1. If they had better set up Epcot station, by putting Coronado springs and Disney Springs on the System And the All -Stars hotels every thing would be covered.Saratago and Port Orleans has transportation via boat to Disney springs for transfer to main station.Swan,Dolphin have access to Skyliner as well as Monorail. All Epcot area hotels would have had Magic Kingdom access also from Epcot.You could actually use Diney Springs for bus access to Blizzard beach,Typhoon lagoon and the mini golf courses. Just realized you would need access to Animal Kingdom and resort but they would be on the same line as All-stars since they but up against each other and Coranado is there too. even if you needed to transfer it would still be faster than the buses.

  2. Also, please bring back the boats on Seven Seas Lagoon that go directly between the Contemporary, Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness resorts.

  3. On our last trip to DISNEY we stayed at Art of Animation Resort so we needed to take the skyliner to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. About a third of our group were quite uncomfortable with this option. So much so that they chose not to go on the skyliner at all and instead chose to stay at the resort. Waisted park tickets.$$$$$