How Do Ride Breakdowns Affect Disney World’s New Pay-Per-Ride Option?

Disney Genie has arrived in Disney World, which means the start of Lightning Lanes (paid FastPasses you get through Genie+, which is $15 per person per day) and Individual Attraction Selection (paid FastPasses for popular rides that cost extra). 

Animal Kingdom

But what happens if you pay to purchase one of the Individual Lightning Lanes (or “FancyRides”) and then it breaks down? Well, today we found out!

If one of the Individual Lightning Lane options breaks down during your reserved time window, you’ll want to keep an eye on the My Disney Experience app! Here, your Lightning Lane pass will be updated to reflect that you may return at any point later in the day. NOTE: It will not automatically refund your purchase of the ride, it will just change into this pass.


Then, when the ride comes back up, you’ll be able to return with your “Experience Redemption” pass and get straight into the Lightning Lane. Keep in mind that if a ride goes down for an extended period of time, you may experience a longer wait time later in the day as a swarm of guests all return to the ride at the same time.

Rise of the Resistance

But perhaps the most interesting thing we learned when Rise of the Resistance went down during our return time is that we were then able to buy a THIRD Individual Lightning Lane! You’re only supposed to be able to purchase two, but since our pass for Rise of the Resistance was converted to an “Experience Redemption,” it freed us up to purchase both Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and Frozen Ever After at our next park, EPCOT.


So if you’re planning on purchasing the Individual Attraction Selections during your next trip, those are some important things you need to know! If you run into any questions or difficulties in the parks, make sure to look out for the Guest Experience stations (the blue umbrellas stationed around the park) or head to Guest Relations.

Guest Experience Team in Hollywood Studios

We’re always keeping up with the latest Disney news, including all those Genie updates, so stay tuned for more!

Here’s What Wait Times Look Like With the Individual Attraction Selections!

Would you pay per ride to use the Lightning Lanes? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “How Do Ride Breakdowns Affect Disney World’s New Pay-Per-Ride Option?”

  1. Not sure that we would but given our experience in December when ROR went down right at opening time, and when it came back up the Lightning lane was taken in before those of us that had be waiting for over an hour; we might consider it. The thing we wonder about is what happens to the lightning lane people when the ride goes down at closing time?
    We were in the line at Ramys at Epcot and had been waiting for a long time and had almost made it to the loading area when it went down. We could leave and come back when it came back up(if it came back up before closing). We were even told we would be assured to be first taken in but we exited, the lightning lane was huge and said to myself that there was no way, they would take no paying customers over those who had paid extra.

  2. We as a big family have been going to Disney since 1991 virtually every year. up until the dreaded lockdown, Always we have visited all the Disney parks and water park and we have always had a magic time at all the Disney Parks, we have on some vacations have stopped at Disney World Resort Hotels. We do intend going on Vacation next year to Orlando are we going to Disney World ? No we are not are entire family have decided not to visit any of the Disney parks out of principle, I am not paying a fortune to get into the Disney theme parks only to have to pay to have the Disney Genie + and go on rides if I want to use the a lightening lane. They have increased the gate prices, increased the food prices, increased the gifts and merch price, parking and hotel prices as well as increased drinks, snacks and ice cream. The most magical place on earth has become the most expensive place on earth The CEO, Bob Chepek, of Disney seems to think that everyone is on the same salary as he is. Over the decades Disney has built an amazing reputation making it the the worlds #1 Theme Park & Entertainment industry. Bob Chepek seems to want to destroy this reputation and so far is making a very good job of it. I think he needs to go and go quickly before the damage Chepek has done is irreversible. Just remember that the $145 to get through the gate per person at WDW is now going to cost you more like $180 per person if you have add 2 x lightening lane passes per person and that is not including all the extra if you eat, drink and buy the odd gift. Also has anyone ever thought that Disney just may increase and make you wait longer in the standby lane, so they can sell more lightening lane passes. If the app says the time is120 minute wait does not mean that it is 120 minute wait, your not going to know unless you stand in it and time it. On a closing note I go on a vacation to get away from the hassle of everyday life and watching my children and grandchildren having lots of fun. I don’t want to be spending all my entire vacation planning my Disney visit on my phone using their App and missing my family having fun.

  3. Any idea what happens if the ride you have the Individual Pass for goes down for the rest of the day? Do you get a refund then?