AllEars TV: Is Disney World’s Fried Chicken WORTH $29?

Yeeeeehaw, we’ve got another foodie throwdown!

Trail’s End Restaurant

Molly is headed across Walt Disney World to see where the best FRIED CHICKEN can be found. We’ve got four restaurants going toe to toe – and the results may surprise you. Along the way we’ll show you one of the best meal deals in Walt Disney World, and answer why $30 chicken is worth it. Start swinging those napkins, and let’s eat!

Watch Molly Find the BEST Fried Chicken in Walt Disney World!

Do you have a favorite spot for fried chicken in Disney? Let us know in the comments below!

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One Reply to “AllEars TV: Is Disney World’s Fried Chicken WORTH $29?”

  1. Great video! I looooooove everything at Chef Art’s Homecoming but I still prefer 50s Prime Time chicken to Art’s! Prime Time has an unmatched juiciness that even Chef Art’s didn’t match. (I will kill for the grits and the grouper at Chef Art’s, though, and I’m broken hearted they don’t have the carrot souffle any longer.) I will have to try Olivia’s chicken!