AllEars TV: Stop Hating On My Favorite Disney World Park!

Why does everyone say Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the WORST Park in Disney World?! Molly is taking us on a tour of the park to prove that’s anything but true.

Between the amazing food, incredible attractions, animal interactions, and superior entertainment, it may just be your favorite park after this. Or at least, it’ll stop getting trashed. Spoiler alert: Festival of the Lion King is back. Get the tissues.

Click Below to See  Molly in Her Favorite Disney World Park!

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6 Replies to “AllEars TV: Stop Hating On My Favorite Disney World Park!”

  1. I love all the park. Comparing is like comparing your children, you can’t do it (ok…my fav is the youngest).

    Molly is a legend. Her genuine tears at Lion King – who didn’t want to hug her??!

    Thing is, if Molly did a video of “Stop Hating on the 3rd favourite Disney World Park”, it would be the same arguments… oranges and lemons!! Can’t be compared.

    If you said to anyone “here’s a free day in Animal Kingdom” do you think many would say “no, I’d rather pay for Magic Kingdom”? (of course Magic Kingdom is still my favourite!!).

  2. I agree with Molly
    Epcot is known for food but the food at DAK as good.
    DHS is known for shows but the shows at DAK are better
    MK is known for rides but DAK has several rides that are as good as any in MK.
    That’s a clear winner to me.
    What Molly didn’t stress enough is just how beautiful Maharajah Jungle Trek is. It’s stunning.
    One downside to DAK that Molly did not mention is: the gorillas stink, literally.

  3. Animal kingdom is my daughters favorite park! We had the opportunity to see Festival of the Lion King and it truly was an amazing experience. We have a trip planned in October and I can’t wait to come back and see more of Animal Kingdom. Thanks Molly for showing us all that AK has to offer!!

  4. EPCOT is my favorite but Animal Kingdom is a close second because it is incredibly relaxing. Magic Kingdom is great fun and has so many great attractions but is also very frenzied and can be exhausting. Hollywood Studios I think has lost its way. I have not been there since the Star Wars attractions opened but I refuse to get up at the butt crack of dawn to maybe get a time slot to maybe see one of them.

  5. I love all the parks at Disney!!!!! But Magic Kingdom is my favorite park, and Animal Kingdom is my least favorite!!!!! But I still love all the parks including Animal Kingdom!!!!