NEWS: Florida’s Orange County Says Temperature Checks Are Not Necessary

We’ve been following along with all of Florida’s updates to its health and safety guidelines.

Face Masks

The most recent updates we’ve heard have to do with vaccine passports, proposed new social distancing guidelines, and mask requirements. Now, the latest health recommendation involves the use of temperature checks. 

During a recent Orange County meeting about the coronavirus, Dr. Raul Pino suggested that using temperature checks as a safety precaution is unnecessary at this time. Dr. Pino is the Director of the Florida Department of Health in Orange County.

Temperature Check Tent

Dr. Pino said, “We will advise everyone again that temperature control checks are not necessary. Although they give some sense of safety to those who are surrounding you, it really doesn’t make any differences. And it’s a lot of resources for business[es] and other places just to have one person taking temperatures. So, again, temperature control measures are not recommended at this point.”

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, lots of locations (such as Florida’s theme parks) have been utilizing temperature checks as a way to minimize the risk of coronavirus spreading.

Health and Safety Signage

We’ll be sure to share further updates about health and safety guidelines, especially as they relate to Florida and California’s theme parks. Check back with us for the latest news.

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  1. I got Covid in January. I was checked at work with one of these forehead checker when I started not feeling well. 97.7 to 97.9 three times in a row. I got home 45 minutes later and I was 100.4. They are useless!