AllEars TV: How Disney is Manipulating You

The Disney Company are masters at utilizing nostalgia to bring us to our knees, and also to their cash registers in lines out the door.
World of Disney Store
We would be hypocrites if we blamed you for falling prey, but we WILL invite you to join us as we discuss How Disney Is Manipulating You.

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3 Replies to “AllEars TV: How Disney is Manipulating You”

  1. Best 2 years ever!! And it worked on us – we wanted to go more. Also, loved give a day! We made blankets and loved our amazing fast passes! Good news, Molly – we experienced some Guest Service magic during Covid – for our daughters 16th birthday – rescheduled so many times that she was 17 – they took her to the front of the line for Space Mountain. Still a little magic!- but our masks were perfectly covering our noses and mouths! : )

  2. I think the promo I was thinking of was for the 25th anniversary of Walt Disney World!!!! So it would have been in 1996!!!!!!

  3. One of my favorite Disney promos that they need to bring back was sometime in the 90s I don’t remember exactly when. Anyway it showed flashbacks of people visiting Disney World as children and then shows them coming back as adults. A sappy song is playing during this. I don’t remember all the words but it starts out like this. “ Do you remember the way you used to feel when you believed in make believe and fairy tales were real?” Does anyone else remember the promo I am talking about?