Vaccine Passports Could Be Required For Air Travel Soon

Are you planning to travel to Disney World or anywhere else soon?

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Recently, there have been a lot of updates concerning air travel in the U.S. The CDC now mandates that all passengers flying into the US from abroad show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, and President Biden instituted some major updates that impact air travel. And still, more change could be coming to the travel industry, including the development of a “Vaccine Passport.”

According to the NY Times, in the near future, travelers may be required to present documentation showing that they have been vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus. The documentation would be in the form of “digital passports” that could be presented before travel and airlines are taking a particular interest in the concept.

Vaccine Passport May Be Required To Fly

These vaccine passports could be essential to the return of the travel industry, enabling airlines to safely transport passengers. Proof of vaccine isn’t necessarily a new concept though. Some countries already require proof of vaccination against other contagious viruses like rubella and yellow fever.

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And, Denmark is already working to bring the vaccine passport to their travel industry. Government officials have announced that in the next three to four months they will be rolling out the digital passport.

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Technologists are working to develop an app for smartphones that would serve as the vaccine passport, though there are still many obstacles to overcome before this technology is rolled out to the public in the U.S. We’ll continue to keep an eye out for more updates that might affect your future trips to Disney and beyond.

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5 Replies to “Vaccine Passports Could Be Required For Air Travel Soon”

  1. At first glance, this sounds like a sensible idea. The problem I have with it is that since very few have yet been eligible to receive a Covid vaccine, and even fewer have actually received the vaccine, it seems grossly unfair to me. To require those of us willing to take a vaccine, but unable to due to eligibility and/or availability, puts us in an unfair position. Disney for instance has semi opened WDW so folks annual passes are ticking away even though many are afraid to fly in for a visit. The “vaccine passport” will only serve to further alienate those “willing to vaccinate but unable to” folks from participating in events that will open up to those able to travel by air. It’s not so much an envy issue as it is a catalyst to create line jumping, fraud, etc. as self centered desperate people do whatever it takes to receive a vaccine passport. Why risk enticing people to fly unvaccinated on fraudulent vaccine passports, which will surely be available on the black market, only to further spread the disease and slow down the overall recovery? I want to see things open up as much as anybody, but we’re all in this together and we should all experience reopenings together on an equal basis.

  2. I imagine that there won’t be any such thing as commercial flight in the next few years because the airline business won’t survive this.

  3. This will single handedly kill the travel and airline industry. I and my family will not fly, stressing that a false positive would trap us somewhere for two weeks.

  4. im traveling in april thinking we wont be anywhere close to being able to be vaccinaeted at at point but will test if have too