8 Disney Treats That Looked WAY Prettier Than They Tasted

Disney is always coming out with fun, festive, and even funky new treats.

Most of them are gorgeous and tasty, like our favorite Festival of the Arts snacks and these classic Disney snacks that never get old. But sometimes, there’s a treat that looks good…but tastes very underwhelming.

Here’s 8 Disney snacks that look way prettier than they taste!

1. Main Street Cupcakes

Disney’s cupcakes can get really extravagant-looking, with mouse ears, sprinkles galore, and cute colored wrappers.

Mickey Mouse Club Cupcake

2. Peppermint Margarita

This seasonal find at Dockside Margaritas in Disney Springs was not our favorite.

Peppermint Margarita

It sure looks gorgeous (check out that crushed peppermint rim!). But it tasted overly minty — almost like toothpaste.

3. Poor Unfortunate Souls Float

It sure is unfortunate that this treat didn’t taste as good as it looks, because the black raspberry soft-serve is so photogenic.

Poor Unfortunate Souls Float

But the mix of flavors was just a little too weird for us.

4. Sally Whoopie Pie Heart

This seasonal snack at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa looks like it was simply meant to be.

Sally Whoopie Pie Heart

But the flavor wasn’t sweet or all that strong. It tasted pretty bland!

5. Cherry & Pistachio Float

This one is gorgeous. We love how the pink cherry and green pistachio look on top of that frozen hot chocolate base.

Cherry Pistachio Float

But the cherry taste was way too much and we barely got a hint of pistachio.

6. Marshmallow Wands

These are always so photogenic, and we love seeing all the seasonal decorations on them.

Cotton Candy Marshmallow Wand

Unfortunately, they’re a little too sticky and sweet for us. The marshmallow is almost too overwhelming.

7. Blue/Green Milk

These iconic Galaxy’s Edge drinks promise refreshing goodness…

Blue and Green Milk

…but they taste a bit strange. Maybe it’s because they’re non-dairy, or maybe the flavor profile is just off.

8. Frushi

This Frushi from EPCOT’s Flower and Garden Festival is wrapped-up strawberry, pineapple, and cantaloupe.


And while it’s a fan favorite, some don’t get as excited about its unique taste.

Disney is always going to have some hits and misses when it comes to treats! But, even the ones that aren’t our favorites at least provided us with a perfectly picture-ready dessert!

Here Are Some of the Best Disney Snacks!

What treats did you think looked better than they tasted? Let us know in the comments!

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3 Replies to “8 Disney Treats That Looked WAY Prettier Than They Tasted”

  1. I agree about the frushi. It looked so good & I was so excited to try it but it was underwhelming & the fruit flavors seemed to clash more than they blended. I think all cupcakes are a waste of my time. Just give me a whole piece of cake!

  2. My Daughter would disagree with the frushi call out. She absolutely loves it. I think it is good and refreshing. Light snack type option.