More Kathryn Hahn, Please! 42 Thoughts I Had Watching WandaVision: Episode 3

Hello there, I am back!

Ready for Episode 3.

Last week we all collectively gathered together (apart) to watch WandaVision — the first new MCU content in a LONG time. As predicted it was a whimsical and wacky ride, with two black and white episodes featuring the 1950’s and 1960’s.

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While both Wanda and Vision surprised me in how delightful they were (especially Wanda), it wasn’t until the end of Episode 2 that I was hooked! We have a lot of questions we need answered — namely, what is happening?! (That feels like a common question in the MCU.) So let’s see what mysteries we unravel this week, shall we?

Spoiler alert: this is going to get fully into the weeds of Episode 3 of WandaVision, so if you haven’t watched it yet, TURN BACK NOW!

42 Thoughts I Had Watching WandaVision: Episode 3



1. I am going to geek out every time the Marvel intro happens aren’t I? WHO HAVE I BECOME?!


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3. This intro is so Brady Bunch!!! What a bop.

4. Wow considering Vision is normally a robot I didn’t fully realize how much older he is than Wanda. (I looked it up — Paul Bettany turns 50 this year and Elizabeth Olsen is 31. Classic Hollywood.)

5. Their house and car are red and yellow!!!!! (There is a lot of color theory about how those colors are incredibly important considering it’s the color of their powers. Wanda’s are red and Vision’s are yellow from the Mind Stone. Seriously who have I become.)

6. HAHAHA at Vision being confused about how the baby was conceived. SAME.

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7. “We let the little ladies keep tabs on their growing babies with fruit. Makes it simple for them.” Wow okay, I hate you Doc.

8. What kind of hedge trimmer are you using, Herb?!

9. WOW she’s getting more pregnant at an alarming rate.

10. Has he always had super speed? That reminds me of her brother?

11. She is so charming!! I adore her on this show!!

12. The doll from the Brady Bunch!!!!

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13. The kitchen is going crazy like it’s the Carousel of Progress!!!

14. Dottie!!

15. Where’s Agnes!? I need more Agnes.

16. “I think something’s wrong here Wanda.” It’s getting real. Way too real!!!

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17. OMG. She backed it up. I wish I had that power anytime something I didn’t like started to happen.

18. Her pregnancy belly is so fake I can’t decide if that’s all part of the facade or it’s genuinely just bad.

19. LOL at raining for my water broke.

©Marvel Studios

20. HYDRA SOAK!!!!!

21. I feel like the babies are just gonna appear in the nursery?

22. “Geraldine” looks fabulous in the 70’s.


©Marvel Studios

24. A stork!!

25. Red clouds on the stork! Also this CGI is….not the best.

26. I do like the stork hiding in the painting! That’s clever.

27. Ok again with Vision’s super speed! I mean, he’s always been a powerful robot but the way they’re showing it is very reminiscent of Quiksilver.

28. Monica is surprisingly calm considering she’s delivering her friend’s baby that she didn’t know existed until 3 seconds ago on her floor.

©Marvel Studios


30. “Don’t you want to meet your son as yourself?” – okay that was cute.

31. Twins!!! Who could’ve seen that coming?! (Everyone who read the comic books apparently.)

32. “I think you might have what it takes to be a nurse.” – Yep, still hate you Doc.


©Marvel Studios


35. “He was killed by Ultron, wasn’t he?” I AM SCREAMING.

36. Spit it out Herb!!!!!!

37. Wanda is scary when she’s mad.

38. Agnes obviously knows things. Also please don’t leave yet you just got here and you’re the best part.

39. Where is Monica?! What did you do, Wanda?!


41. OMG she threw Monica out of her alternate reality didn’t she!!!???

42. Look at the all those cars and tents with that sword logo!! They really are right outside Wanda’s vision!! But why!!!!??

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WOW okay, there is a lot to unpack in the last third of this episode.

First of all, I found Vision annoying this episode. (Sorry not sorry.) He was so funny in Episode 2 when he was “gum-drunk” and in this one, I thought he was panicky and boring.

But Wanda!! She is so good playing all of these different eras!! This is a long way from her bad accent in Ultron, and I really love her as a character in this.

It’s clear that “Geraldine” (aka Monica Rambeau) is from the “outside” based on her knowledge of Pietro, the sword necklace, and Agnes and Herb’s reaction to her. But why is she in Wanda’s reality?! Guess we’ll have to wait and find out!

I am also very intrigued as to how Agnes is involved. There are tons of theories online (read more below!) and I can’t wait to find out. I’m annoyed she was only in about 60 seconds of this episode — she’s definitely my favorite character and we need more Kathryn Hahn!!

Overall, this episode was fine, but I wish we had more plot and less sitcom OR another episode dropped simultaneously. The first two-thirds were adorably 70’s but we didn’t get much plot-moving until the final scenes. I have SO many questions about what’s going on outside Wanda’s reality! I guess that’s the Marvel way though — always got to have the hook at the end!


If you don’t want to hear any *potential* spoilers, don’t read any further! We’re digging deeper into theories based on this and past episodes, info dropped by the creators, and chatting with my comic book nerd friends and husband.

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Okay, so by now it’s pretty clear that S.W.O.R.D. is involved and that Monica Rambeau is working with them somehow. They’re set up right outside Wanda’s reality, but the main question is why or how are they involved?

Many people believe this is Wanda’s way of coping with Vision’s death. If we accept that, perhaps they need Wanda for another threat? Others think THEY are the ones who put Wanda into this state — if so, why would they do that?

We do know one thing for sure now — this story picks up directly after End Game. So Vision is definitely dead, and a figment of Wanda’s imagination/reality.

Comic fans were also delighted this week that Wanda had her twins, Tommy and Billy, just like in the books. If the story continues to follow cannon, Billy will have Wanda’s abilities and Tommy will have Pietro’s superspeed, and eventually they will become part of the Young Avengers. We get a hint this will happen when Vision says, “If he’s anything like his mother, Billy will be perfect.”

Another huge question is, who the heck is Agnes? Many comic fans have suggested she’s actually Agatha Harkness, a powerful witch that trains and mentors Wanda. Not only does her name sound like a mashup of Agatha + Harkness, but she also wears a brooch throughout the episodes and time periods. Fans were quick to point out the similarities between her brooch in the books and on screen. And to take it a step further, her wedding anniversary date (June 2)  is the same day as the Salem Witch Trials, which she’s burned at in the comics. Coincidence? Not likely. This is Marvel we’re talking about.

©Marvel Studios

So is Agnes really a villain in all this? It’s very possible. Frankly, I don’t care as long as it means MORE KATHRYN HAHN.

I already can’t wait for next week’s episode! I hope we get some questions answered but most importantly, I can’t WAIT for the 80’s fashions and theme song!

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Did you watch Episode 3 of WandaVision? Share your thoughts in the comments!



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  1. Awesome notes and remarks. Love that you are continuing on this journey with the rest of “us” as long-time Marvel Universe fans. Isn’t it fun? I’ve loved Paul Bettany ever since I first saw him in A Knight’s Tale. I grew up with Bewitched and the Brady Bunch so this has been great. Will the next one be an 80’s sitcom theme? Maybe “Full House” with more Olsen (real) twins when they were just babes???! Ha. I feel like after Dr Strange opened all those portals seeking alternative endings, several got left open and the military is “hiding” people that fall into their world.