NEWS: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Will Be Closing Down in Disney World

For years, guests looking to interact with Disney Parks in unique and innovative ways could look to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom for just that! The card-based game brings guests around the park, interacting with various points of interest where you battle popular Disney villains (all at no additional cost!).

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards

On a trip to Magic Kingdom today, we spoke with Cast Members and learned that this free experience will soon be unavailable.

We spoke with Cast Members in Magic Kingdom who confirmed that they learned today that the interactive game will be temporarily closing later this month.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

The Cast Members we spoke with were informed that this closure would be a break, and they communicated to use that they hoped Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom would come back soon.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

As of this writing, we are unsure of the exact reason for this closure, or if Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom will be receiving any updates or if it’s just taking a break.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

We will certainly be keeping a close watch on any developments in the coming weeks and months.

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Have you ever participated in Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments!

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13 Replies to “NEWS: Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Will Be Closing Down in Disney World”

  1. I hope it is only to update the portals.My handicapped daughter and I played the game while waiting for our other family members were on rides. It would be a shame for it to be taken away for good

  2. I completed 7 of the 9 levels yesterday after hearing about the closure. Didn’t have time to finish the other 2. Really sad to hear this. Talked with other players trying to finish their level and also get the cards they needed to complete their sets. Everyone I talked to doesn’t want it to go. I have been playing for about 2 years. Cast members have been great and have had some great conversations with them. Sure hope it is only a break and not gone for good.

    I do agree that it needs some fixing. You can’t see the portal by the Riverboat in Liberty Square – it is too faint. Several of the cameras need cleaning. I have been to multiple portals where my spell cards are not read. Fix it and bring it back!!! Please!!! Maybe with a new set of cards.

  3. My husband & I love this game! It’s a great way to pass the time when the lines are long, plus it’s also a great thing for folks who can’t do some of the rides due to motion sickness. I do hope it’s only a temporary break.

  4. I love playing this game and collecting the cards. I really hope this is a temporary break for upgrades or new programming and it comes back very soon.

  5. Disappointing, but understandable. It needs a revamp. I have seen so many kids struggle to do it. I can’t tell you how sad it is to see kids make it to the right portal and have the card reader part not read the card. I have seen tears. I have seen frustration from both kids and adults. I have seen it take several minutes to work even in the correct place. Whether they need to replace the scanner, widen the scanning field, or something else, I don’t know, but it’s a bit overdue in my book. It just sucks that it’s right now when so many other things are closed.

  6. I love collecting the cards and playing. Especially the special party cards. Would hate to see this go. An update would be nice, since the last time I went in September none of the portals on main Street would read/ register the brand new cards I was using.

  7. I’m sad! My husband and I did this on our last trip after watching Molly (of course❤️) and had lots of fun with it!! The Cast Members explaining it were so kind!!!
    Hope it comes back!!!

  8. Good Disney, good. Remove ALL the entertainment! Keep it up and they’ll be on par with Six Flags. Think lines are long now? One less thing to do, soon the lines will be back to the TTC. Bad move.