PHOTOS! New Signs Warn Guests of Consequences for Violating Disney’s Face Mask Policy

Throughout Disney World’s phased reopening, various overhead announcements as well as signage have been added to the parks and resorts to help communicate the new health and safety procedures to guests.

Disney World Halloween face mask

Over the past few months, these announcements and signs have included verbiage on Disney’s face mask policy while eating, what is considered a proper face covering, and a reminder to keep masks on while taking photos.

Now, a new sign has appeared near the entrance to Magic Kingdom that pushes the message further about Disney’s strict approach to keeping their guests and Cast Members safe.

New face mask signage in Magic Kingdom

The new sign reads, “Guests not properly wearing an approved mask will be asked to leave.” As a reminder, an approved face mask at Disney World must fully cover your nose and mouth, and may not contain any mesh material, holes, or valves.

New face mask signage in Magic Kingdom

As Disney World continues to update the ways in which their face mask policy is modified, updated, and enforced, we will keep you in the loop with all the latest information!

Disney just released a TON of new face mask designs for purchase! Click here to learn more.

Have you visited Disney World since it reopened in July? Let us know in the comments!

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4 Replies to “PHOTOS! New Signs Warn Guests of Consequences for Violating Disney’s Face Mask Policy”

  1. In light of the CDC report that came out today that found 75% of covid infections were mask wearers, I wonder if Disney will rethink this policy? (CDC has 4 decades of research that proves masks are not effective for the flu) I think social distancing, sanitizing and lower attendance are safe measures.

  2. There is one thing to consider with this new masking rule. The rule includes any guest from the age of 2 up, and I read there would be no exceptions. So if you can’t get your 2 year old to keep his or her mask on, who will be asked to leave with the toddler? One parent or guardian, or the whole family group? Something to think about.

  3. I too was just there and found the excessive mask reminders bordered on harassment. I understand the situation we are in but being outdoors in sunny Florida I think you should have the option. They take your temp before you enter and quite frankly I touched my face way more often wearing the mask in that humid environment putting myself in greater danger than going maskless. I’m not encouraging bad behavior and I followed all the rules. Im just stating that it was a much less enjoyable experience walking around all day with a mask on and it’s still REALLY REALLY hot in Orlando this time of year

  4. We left WDW this past Monday (Oct. 5) and saw numerous occasions where people were trying to get by without wearing masks properly and some CM’s were very comfortable approaching guests in a nice manner telling them they had to wear it or leave while other CM’s were intimated by guests many times.

    Two specific instances. One while waiting for Philharmagic an entire adult family blatantly had their masks on and off (no food or drink)and not social distancing. The CM asked once and they made a huge stick. Of course most guests came down on them and applauded the CM. the other at Tony’s. A man kept taking his mask off while waiting in the lobby to be called to their table. A CM went over and he put it on. As soon as she left he pulled it down. This game went on a few times and his wife thought it was amusing until they told them they wouldn’t be served and had to leave. She begged and pleaded and they gave them one more chance.