I Am Watching All the Marvel Films for the First Time, and I Made it to ‘The Avengers’! These Are 100 Thoughts I Had While Watching!

Hey everyone — it’s Molly again!


I am BACK with the moment we’ve all been waiting for — it’s time to watch the Avengers assemble! (LOL JK – you all watched this 8 years ago. I am just very very late to the party.)

ICYMI, I have been watching all the Marvel movies for the FIRST time! So far we’ve had some highs (Captain America) and some lows (Hulk), but I’ve made it to the first squad movie — and boy oh boy am I excited.

As always, I know nothing about this film, other than I assume at some point the Avengers will in fact, assemble.

100 Thoughts I Had Watching The Avengers for the First Time

1. The glow cube is from Thor or Captain America? I am realizing I have 5 movies worth of information I need to have memorized to understand this.

2. I think it’s from Captain America but that’s definitely Loki.

3. Sammy L!!!! Agent Coulson!!! And… Robin Scherbatsky!?

4. OOOOH Bootstrap Bill. He’s being controlled by Loki? Right? Maybe? That’s what the Thor end credits scene made me believe.

5. THAT is the guy who was gonna shoot Thor with a bow and arrow. Still pretty sure he’s a superhero.

6. I am not 100% what the blue glow cube does, but it seems to be opening another realm? Is this Loki’s version of an uber to arrive on Earth?

7. Loki wasted NO time.

8. OH NO!!! He made him a white walker. If Bootstrap Bill wasn’t being controlled by him before…

9. SAMMY L!!!!!! NOOOOO!! (I mean I’m sure he’s fine but I didn’t care for that.)

10. Wow Sammy L bounced back QUICKLY.

11. “We are at war.” “What do we do?”


12. I truly love all the LaDiEz kicking booty in these films.

13. Awww, the bow and arrow guy is her bestie! Or love interest?

14. I bet “the Big Guy” is the Hulk.

15. Mark Ruffalo!! What’s he doing here?!

16. Oh yea. He’s the Hulk now. Loving his vibe. (Sorry, Ed.)

17. “It’s won by soldiers” can only mean one thing…CAP IS IN THE BUILDING!

18. I really hope he gets his date with Peggy at some point in this 23 film saga.

19. Are we gonna get a funny scene where Captain America is like…trying to figure out a cell phone or startled by a microwave? Or is this too serious for that.

20. IRON MAN!! It is really is exciting each time you see one of these guys for the first time. He might be my favorite Avenger.

21. PEPPS!!!!

22. His first name is Agent. LOL.

23. Agent Coulson awkwardly talking to Cap sounds exactly like what I would sound like talking to Cap.

24. These bad guys *kinda* look like they belong in a 90’s episode of Power Rangers. But let’s blow past it.

25. HA. The $10 hand over was good.

26. Mark Ruffalo Hulk is v. smart but in like a laid back “yeah lemme roll up my sleeves cause I’m a genius but no biggie” way. I assume everyone likes him more than Edward Norton Hulk.

27. Wait, is Coulson my favorite Avenger?

28. “Bad guys in Germany? Been there, done that.” – Cap, probably

29. Loki kinda looks like he was made Head Boy of Slytherin.


30. “There are always men like you.” BIG CLAPS

31. If Iron Man knows one thing, it’s how to make an entrance.

32. Where there’s lighting there’s….THOR.

33. Wait does Thor not realize he’s an Avenger? Did he not see the poster?

34. Loki watching Iron Man and Thor fight:


35. It’s super annoying that Thor’s hair has perfect beach waves. I wonder what product he uses?

36. “He’s adopted.” LOL

37. OMG THE RDJ EYE ROLL!! I use that gif frequently.

38. “Historically not awesome.” Iron Man IS Barney Stinson. I really think he’s my fave, which is surprising me. Odds were it was gonna be a Chris.

39. Ugh, Jane Foster.


40. She LOVES Agent Barton. But in a bestie for the restie, unspoken assassin blood oath kinda way.

41. Loki is literally so good at the game.


43. Guyssssssss, can’t we just all get along?!

44. Is Loki’s staff harnessing their arguing energy? Communicating with him? Gonna explode?

45. Jeremy Renner looks like he needs 100 hours of sleep.

46. “You people are so petty. And tiny.” LOL THOR. I hope Thor continues to get funnier.

47. HULK!! Loki is jazzed.

48. So we’re back to Hulk not talking or recognizing people? Are you telling me I watched The Incredible Hulk for NOTHING?

49. ROBIN *clap* SPARKLES *clap*

50. Agent Barton is a very impressive shot.

51. A lovers quarrel.




55. Not gonna lie — I kinda love that this whole thing is gonna be to honor Agent Coulson.

56. I love how casual this old man is — “hey you an alien?”

57. Should I know Agent Barton’s superhero name by now? Did I miss it? I’m sure all the comic fans knew him when he showed up in Thor but *shrugging girl emoji*

58. Isn’t she Russian? Where did her accent go?

59. Does he mean Stark Tower?!

60. Yes.



62. That was very sneaky Sammy L! But I think Coulson would approve.

63. Iron Man with the word play and pouring a cocktail in the midst of threatening Loki is why he’s my fave.

64. Performance Issues LOLOLOLOL

65. DO IT FOR PHIL!!!!!

66. That waitress looks so familiar…*checks IMDB* OMG it’s Chrissy Seaver from Growing Pains!

67. I kinda like the bad guy spaceship that’s got a tail. The Avengers should get a snazzier ship.

68. LOKI HOW COULD YOU?? First Phil and now Thor?!

69. Thor can’t die though right? Isn’t he a god? Like I’m sure getting stabbed hurt but if he dies, that seems like if an elephant was killed by a paper cut.

70. I like that half of these heroes are heroes by blood (Thor, Cap, Hulk) and half of them are just really skilled assassins with cool tech. (Tony, Clint, Natasha)

71. What happened in Budapest!? Will we ever know?

72. “That’s why, dummy.” – Cap, probably

73. Clint is like a high tech Legolas. (I actually think he may be Hawkeye? But I prefer to call him Clint.)

74. Hulk on the tiny moped LOL.

75. LOVING the 360 degree circle around all of them. They have in fact, assembled.

76. Ok but, how does Hulk know what side he’s on now? Last time he Hulked out he was going nuts on the good guys?

77. Are we ever gonna find out what happened to Sammy L’s eye?

78. HAHA Hulk punching Thor. (I like Thor but I still giggled.)

79. Omg Bootstrap Bill is SO confused. Is this “The Hangover 4”?

80. I feel like Cap should never wear a mask….

81. PEWNY GOD. HAHA glad Hulk can talk again and glad that’s what he went with.

82. Iron Man doing the ol’ sharknado I see.


83. Start the countdown.

84. I bet he’s gonna put the nuke in the portal and then Natasha is gonna close it.



87. Are Cap and Stark gonna have a friendly rivalry this whole time?

88. Somebody better catch hi— YAY HULK!!!

89. “Please tell me no one kissed me.”

90. Also loving his obsession with getting snacks. He’s the best.

91. STAN LEE!!!!!!

92. I wonder what Natasha said to Clint to make him chuckle.

93. I love that Bruce and Tony are besties. I bet they went to get shawarma.

94. “Because we’ll need them to.” CHILLS

95. No one better to end on than Tony and Pepps. (Except maybe Tony and Bruce.)

96. Epic credits.

97. Space Power Ranger is real mad.

98. I don’t think I’m going to like this new guy despite his sly smile.

99. Double the end credits scenes, double the fun!

100. I hope this just shifts into a show where this ragtag group goes to local eateries and does reviews.


Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed it — minus the murdering of one of my favorites, Agent Coulson. (Can he come back? Please.) I did think it was a little slow at parts, but the last half was action packed, and I would’ve loved to see it in theaters! I cheered each time one of the heroes made their initial appearance, and I imagine the future assembly films are even better.

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is a paper cut and a 10 is a 90 minute massage, I award the Avengers a 7.8!

As I wrap up Phase 1 of the Marvel films, my favorite movie thus far has been Captain America: The First Avenger. For me, it struck the perfect amount of wit and action — plus I loved Peggy Carter. But my favorite hero is Iron Man so far — I really enjoy his swagger and sass. But all that could change as we head into Phase 2, I’m just getting started!

Next up: Iron Man 3

Which Avenger is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!



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Molly is a lifelong Disney enthusiast, and former Walt Disney World Guest Relations Cast Member and tour guide. Her Walt Disney World favorites include Festival of the Lion King, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Fantasmic!, Mickey-shaped pretzels and rice krispie treats, and anything with Buzz Lightyear! She lives in Orlando with her husband (who she met in Guest Relations) and their two rescue dogs, Kronk and Cruella de Vil (Ella for short!)

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20 Replies to “I Am Watching All the Marvel Films for the First Time, and I Made it to ‘The Avengers’! These Are 100 Thoughts I Had While Watching!”

  1. I have to laugh as you are dead right on some of your thoughts – but I won’t tell you which one. The strength of the entire MCU is all because Iron Man is really everyone favorite hero. If RDJ wasn’t so good I’m not sure how far they really would have made it. Plus the fact that all the movies are intertwined and follow an overall arc – unlike the Star Wars films which seam to be all over the place lately. Having Kevin Fiege be the overall story teller has really helped. And Yes you did watch Hulk for no reason.

  2. I have been waiting for you to post this! Phase 2 will be slow and a little boring except 1 movie (Cap movies will still be your favorite and this comes from a Thor lover)

  3. Man it took you forever to get to this! lol I’ve been not so patiently waiting for your next installment. It’s my favorite read of the day!

  4. At the beginning of quarantine, I started watching all of the marvel movies, in order, for the first time. I completely agree with you…my favorite avenger, by far, is Iron Man! I’m currently watching Avenger: Infinity War.

  5. We watched them for the first time during lockdown, in timeline order rather than release date so found out about sammy l’s eye a lot sooner than you will.. agree captain America one of the best early films, and yes Thor gets funnier as the series moves on, best films.. ragnorok, winter soldier, endgame, infinity war….

  6. I started watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe when the Avengers came out in theaters and have been hooked ever since!! Molly, your commentary is awesome and makes me laugh out loud!! Thank you for bringing joy during some dark times. My favorite is also Captain America and also because of Peggy Carter!! Her TV show was also amazing! Check it out when you have time!!
    Thank you to all of you for doing what you do!! It truly is a light in this crazy world!! Looking forward to your next Marvel movie list!!

  7. Capt is probably my fav. He was initially and I think he still is but they all have their moments. I love watching these again skipping to parts as I read through your thoughts.

  8. I love Agent Coulson too! If you want to see so much more of him, there’s a TV series on Netflix called Agents of SHIELD and he’s the lead!!!

  9. You might have heard there is a TV show with Peggy Carter and agents of shield. After the movies you should watch them

  10. Gotta love Loki-always my fave. And Mark Ruffalo is way better than Ed Norton. Ed was best in Fight Club with Brad Pitt. Great movie. Your comments are hysterical. “29. Loki kinda looks like he was made Head Boy of Slytherin.” I loved when Hulk body-slammed him like a piece of baloney. Once you watch Captain Marvel, you’ll know the origins of Agent Coulson, as well as Samuel Jackson’s eye injury. I would warn you that Iron Man 3 is a yawner but RDJ and gorgeous eye candyman, Guy Pearce are fun.

  11. COULSON LIVES – no, seriously Molly, it’s a thing. Look it up and you will see😉 (I have a t-shirt!😃)

    This was another great “follow-along”! Hang in there – you are just getting started!😂