The Force is Strong With These New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Pins!

Although the final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars recently aired, the show is still picking up loads of new fans thanks to Disney+. The animated series even got a great send-off in May with a virtual reunion of its stars.

‘The Clone Wars’ Final Season Poster ©Disney

Now, the characters those actors portrayed are the stars of a new series of enamel pins by FiGPiN!

Ahsoka Tano started out as a Padawan but grew into something much more throughout the series, eventually becoming a fan-favorite character. Now she’s on the Ahsoka Tano Pin scowling like she just spotted Darth Maul.

Star Wars Clone Wars Ahsoka Tano FiGPiN Classic Enamel Pin ©Entertainment Earth

Next up, there’s the Anakin Skywalker Pin. Obviously,  this is a depiction of Anakin before he decided to embrace the Dark Side to become Darth Vader. On the pin, he’s striking a classic Jedi action pose.

Star Wars Clone Wars Anakin Skywalker FiGPiN Classic Enamel Pin ©Entertainment Earth

The Obi-Wan Kenobi Pin features Anakin’s Master. His facial expression suggests he has a bad feeling about something!

Star Wars Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi FiGPiN Classic Enamel Pin ©Entertainment Earth

No Clone Wars pin collection is complete without one of the most frightening villains in the Star Wars universe. The Darth Maul Pin features Maul in all his horrifying glory.

Star Wars Clone Wars Darth Maul FiGPiN Classic Enamel Pin ©Entertainment Earth

The pins release in December 2020, but can be pre-ordered now from Entertainment Earth for $14.99 each. The pins measure about 3″ high and come with a rubber backer stand and a clear protector case. Each of these enamel pins would be the perfect addition to any Star Wars fan’s collection!

See what pin trading looks like in the parks right now!

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