Celebrate Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary With the Pre-Opening Report From Disneyland on Disney+!

If you are a Disney history nerd like us, then you’ll be excited to know a brand new documentary is now streaming on Disney+. And, it’s all about the theme park that started it all — Disneyland!


The best part of this documentary is that its hosted by none other than Walt Disney.

As the world waits for Disneyland in Anaheim, California to reopen, fans can recapture the joy of the park’s grand opening, 65 years ago exactly from today! In “The Pre-Opening Report From Disneyland,” fans get to travel back to 1955, just before the park opens for the first time.


During the 55-minute film, which is shown on Disney+ as it originally aired back in 1955, Walt Disney gives the audience a detailed look at all the preparations the company went through to make sure Disneyland would be ready to open. If you watched The Imagineering Story on Disney+, then you have a good idea of all the work that went into building Walt’s dream.


We also have the latest on what’s coming to Disney+ in August right here!

Will you watch “The Pre-Opening Report From Disneyland?” Tell us what you’re looking forward to seeing in the comments!

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Marie has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982 when she fell in love with EPCOT Center less than a month after it opened. She is a national content creator and freelance lifestyle writer who loves planning trips to Disney almost as much as visiting it! Favorite WDW Ride: Peoplemover!

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One Reply to “Celebrate Disneyland’s 65th Anniversary With the Pre-Opening Report From Disneyland on Disney+!”

  1. I enjoyed watching this over the weekend, even though the second half is essentially filler, using about 25 minutes worth of cartoons to pad the hour. The first half, however, is everything a true Disney nerd could hope for. Meanwhile, I also relished another recent addition to Disney+ called “The Mouseketeers at Walt Disney World,” which I hope you guys take the time to review also. This cheese-tastic time capsule from the 70s is precisely the nostalgia-gasm (if that’s not too taboo a term for this site) that my Disney nerd heart often craves. Plus, a nice bonus that the 1955 pre-opening report did not include: All the commercial breaks! It was so much fun to revisit classic 70s commercials for products like Shake’n’Bake and MeowMix. Bring your tolerance for corny 70s Saturday morning sitcom humor (think Hanna Barbera and Krofft Superstars) and settle in with your favorite childhood snacks. Keep your eyes peeled for Lisa Welchel (Blair from “Facts of Life”) and start bracing yourself now for the Mouseketeers’ version of “Zip a Dee Doo Dah.” It’s a doozy.