There’s a New BALANCE in the Force! We Spotted a LADY Stormtrooper in Disney Springs Today!

ATTENTION, REBEL SPIES! Be on the look-out because the First Order has taken over Disney Springs! We repeat, the First Order is on the hunt to squash the Resistance today.

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Now that we’ve scared all those Rebel scum away, we’re here to welcome ALL you First Order empathizers back into Disney World!

While you may have to wait until July 15th to visit Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge again you can still spot some loyal Stormtroopers out and about in the shopping and dining district.

Stormtroopers in Disney Springs

The iconic stormtroopers were spotted on the balcony above Ever After in the shopping and dining complex. But, today’s patrolling Stormtroopers aren’t like most of the others… There’s a LADY Stormtrooper ready to promote order in the galaxy. Well, almost, that is… she’s got a little bit of cheek to share with anybody lingering around.

Stormtroopers in Disney Springs

While the other faithful Stormtrooper ordered citizens to have a good day, our sassy Lady Stormtrooper says you can’t order anybody to do that. And, as her “co-trooper” tries to find Rebel spies in the audience by pointing out a bunch of different people, the Lady Stormtropper tells him “keep that up and I’ll turn myself in.”


At this time, it’s unknown whether these will be a long-term addition to Disney Springs, or if the residents of Galaxy’s Edge were just visiting the area for the day for the grand reopening of Disney-owned locations. We will keep you updated as we learn more!

Will you be visiting Disney Springs in the near future? Let us know in the comments below!

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