Ever Wanted to Eat the Most Expensive Meal in Animal Kingdom? Here’s What it Would Cost You!

If you’re looking for a truly world-class dining experience in the wildest Disney World park, you’re going to want to apologize to your wallet in advance.

Tree of Life

We’ve looked into some seriously pricy meals in Epcot and in Disney’s Hollywood Studios and now we’re headed to park full of wildlife-based adventures. That’s right! It’s Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

There are a good amount of restaurants in Animal Kingdom, but only a select few are table service! No worries, though: just bask in the shade of the Tree of Life, and you’ll find yourself near a high-cost plate. All you have to do is journey into Tiffins Restaurant!

If you’ve ever wanted to eat the most expensive meal in Animal Kingdom, here’s what it would cost you! 

Three-Course Dining at Tiffins Restaurant

As a reminder, we’ve got some specific criteria when it comes to hunting down our most expensive meal. We compared prices based on a three-course model (appetizer, entree, and dessert) with one alcoholic drink. Let’s see how much a three-course meal at Tiffins Restaurant could hurt your wallet!


Tiffins Restaurant is a worldly dining location that celebrates the art of travel through food! The menu is inspired by the parts of the world that heavily influenced the design and mission of Animal Kingdom: Africa and Asia. The menu has a lot of tasty options and can be pretty adventurous, too!


Appetizer — Charcuterie

To start off your big-spender evening, opt for the Charcuterie board which will be a chef selection of cured and smoked meats. An all meat appetizer? That sounds like the way to go.

The Charcuterie plate is by far the most expensive appetizer. After all, these are some high-quality eats! This first course will run you $18.

Entree — Surf and Turf

Once you’ve been careful not to stuff yourself too much with that tasty appetizer course, it’s time to select your main. Obviously, you have to opt for the Surf and Turf. Why choose meat or fish when you could have both?

All the beef entrees at Tiffins are fabulous!

The Surf and Turf at Tiffins consists of South African Braai Spiced Beef Tenderloin, Seared Scallops, Potato Pave, Grilled Vegetables, Maitake Mushrooms, Dhania Butter, and a Cola Demi-Glace. Yum! This is the most expensive course at $65.

Dessert — The Lion King

A big meal like that needs a big finish. So let’s drop $15 on a dessert simply called The Lion King. What is it you wonder? It’s a yummy Caramel Mousse with Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry-Mango Sauce.

The Tiffins Trio is another excellent choice… just not as pricey!

Drink — Bordeaux Blend Clos Apalta

And, of course, no fine dining experience would be complete without a big-dollar glass of wine! At Tiffins, you can opt for a glass of the Bordeaux Blend — Clos Apalta for $46.00. For one glass! Or, if you think you won’t be able to get enough, you can grab the whole bottle for $240.

Annapurina Zing — less of a zing than that glass of wine for $45!

Total Cost

All in all, the most expensive meal in Animal Kingdom will cost $144 per person. That’s not too big of a dent, so maybe Animal Kingdom is the place to live a little large. Or should we say, the place to dine on the wild side?

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7 Replies to “Ever Wanted to Eat the Most Expensive Meal in Animal Kingdom? Here’s What it Would Cost You!”

  1. We loved Tiffins and were happy to pay the price. It’s wasn’t much more expensive than our special occasion restaurant at home. The food was excellent, the service was amazing and the atmosphere terrific. Sometimes you pay more for nice things

  2. We chose tusker house over tippins for the variety and we have some special diet needs in our family. It was delicious. Everything was fantastic. The chef came out and talked to our son about his diet needs. Very cool and respectful. It was so good we came back a second time.

  3. Funny how the article following this one is about the McDonald’s construction on Disney property.

    I am still amazed that people drop this kind of money on food on a Disney trip. I am not a foodie, so fancy things don’t interest me. But spending this amount of cash for one meal boggles my mind.

    1. I think it comes from as a form of surrender. People say, “jeesh, I’ve just went into debt for the next 10 years over this vacation, might as well eat like a king, what’s another $2,000 at this point.

  4. We enjoyed Tiffins with the Rivers of Light package for a late lunch/early dinner on Christmas eve. The package was $65 each and did not exclude any of the choices for appetizer, main course or dessert on the menu including the surf and turf. (Add-on’s would have been extra, just like they would have been on the dining plan.) The atmosphere, service and quality of the food was excellent. The $65 price was a bargain given the stated menu prices.

    The seating for Rivers of Light was also well placed.

  5. I thought the most expensive meal at animal kingdom was the endangered rhino burger. I personally picked out my rhino on the safari ride. Tasted just like ostrich, but without the 3 foot feathers. And the chef made me a cute necklace out of the horn.