Captain Cook’s at Polynesian Resort serves many of Disney World’s most popular foods


I’m pretty sure the most important thing you need to know about Captain Cook’s Snack Company at Disney’s Polynesian Resort is that it sells Dole Whips. (Yes, there is a place outside the Magic Kingdom where you can get that popular pineapple dessert!) But you might not be aware that some equally popular Disney foods can be found at Captain Cook’s, too.

First, the skinny on the Dole Whips. For years, the only place to find the frozen, soft-serve concoction was at Aloha Isle in Adventureland. Though the stand is not heavily advertised, you know it when you see the queues, which rival some lines for popular rides. Clearly, Dole Whips have a cult-like following. Aloha Isle sells pineapple Dole Whips in a cup ($3.79) or as a float with pineapple juice ($4.99).


When Captain Cook’s was renovated in late 2006, a Dole Whip machine was installed. The beauty of this addition is that customers help themselves after paying for the bowl. There is only one size bowl and the price is comparable to those at Magic Kingdom. (Pineapple floats are not available at this location.) During our stay at The Polynesian, we saw some very skillful Dole Whip architects getting the most for their money.


If Dole Whips aren’t reason enough for you to pop into Captain Cook’s, consider two other Disney favorites on the breakfast menu.

Tonga Toast, which has its own share of passionate fans, is served at the quick-service counter in Captain Cook’s. For those who have never heard of Tonga Toast — gasp! — it’s a thick sourdough bread stuffed with bananas that is lightly fried and topped with cinnamon and sugar. Tonga Toast has been served at the Polynesian since the resort opened in 1971.


And my absolute favorite breakfast food, a Mickey waffle, is available in several varieties. A kid’s meal offers two smaller Mickey waffles with yogurt and seasonal fruit. A large Mickey waffle can be purchased with or without strawberry topping. Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 11 a.m.


Big deal, you say? Mickey waffles are served across Disney property. They are a signature food, after all. That is true. But most of the places where Mickey waffles and Tonga Toast are served require reservations because they are table-service restaurants. This also means your meal is likely to be more expensive. I like knowing there is a spot where I can pop in at my leisure without a lot of planning and be served the Disney foods I love.

During slower periods, you may be able to park at the Polynesian if you tell the parking attendant you are going to Captain Cook’s. At busier times, it may be necessary to park at the Transportation and Ticket Center and walk or ride the monorail to the resort.

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10 Replies to “Captain Cook’s at Polynesian Resort serves many of Disney World’s most popular foods”

  1. Try the pork nachos…..out of this world! Their homemade Polynesian chips for the “nachos”, shredded BBQ pork, pineapple salsa and a wonderful tropical cheese sauce. Oh I can’t wait to get back!

  2. Wow, things must have really changed at Captain Cook’s over the past few years- last time we ate there they only had burgers/cheeseburgers, i think a veggie option, and chicken tenders, and there was no dole whip station! We’ll have to stop by next time we stop by the Tiki bar for our adult beverages!

  3. Thank you so much for the info on the Dole Whip! I did not know they were sold anywhere else except Aloha Aisle! The float is by far my favorite snack in Disney! With the exception of maybe one for funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow, just about all of my snack entitlements on the Dining Plan go to Dole Whips!! I will be arriving in a few weeks on Aug 25th and I definately will be looking up Captain Cook’s! As always, Allears is the best! Can’t plan a Disney Vacation without it!

  4. We love this place! I have yet to try Tonga Toast (it’s on my list, though), though we really enjoy the flatbreads at Captain Cook’s. Also the Polynesian Chips – best bargain in all of WDW! For under $2 you get a HUGE plate of amazing chips.

    We stayed offsite and this was our go-to spot for a quick rest in the middle of a fun Magic Kingdom day.

  5. I used to live in Florida and went to Disney many, many times. Now that I’m outside of Florida, I plan and plan and plan to try to make the most out of our trips. That’s how I learned about Captain Cook’s and Tonga Toast. We made sure to eat there last Fall and were not disappointed!

    And all those years that I spent going to Disney, I never had a Dole Whip until about 5 years ago. I always used to go to the ice cream shop on Main Street instead. Now that I’ve tried it, I never miss a Dole Whip!

  6. No matter where we stay on or off property, our first day at WDW begins with breakfast at Captain Cooks! We have Mickey waffles and tonga toast and pop in for a Dole Whip whenever we feel like riding the Resort monorail. Can’t recommend it enough!

  7. Love Captain Cooks! When we only have one day at the Park we usually go to MK.. To get out of the crowds and heat we take the monorail over to the Poly to eat at Cooks. Its quiet, the food is good, we get Dole Whips and noodle bowls! Then after we are refreshed we head back over to the MK.

  8. The Aloha Pork sandwich and the Polynesian Chips are fantastic there as well. One of our favorite resort places for lunch.

  9. I am excited to know that I can get a dole whip outside the Magic Kingdom. Just an FYI, they also serve dole whips at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort

  10. We don’t usually frequent the counter service resturants at the resorts, but when we stayed there a couple years back and discovered self-serve dole whips and Tonga Toast we were hooked.