Hidden Mickeys with Merida and Teppan Edo

Merida from Disney-Pixar’s “Brave” is now greeting guests at Fairytale Garden in the Magic Kingdom. The family in line behind me included a redheaded young girl who proudly announced her support of Disney’s new scarlet actress. In this photo, Merida is calling out her three bear friends.


The bears appear behind her.

Here I am with Merida and her bears.

Inside Fairytale Garden, try your hand at archery.

I hit the bull’s-eye!

Merida’s Meet and Greet area comes with Hidden Mickeys on the ax weapons:

I’m looking forward to Merida’s movie; maybe it will include some Hidden Mickeys?

At Teppan Edo dinner in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion, our chef created a fabulous vegetable full-body Mickey holding a Mickey balloon, and he spouts steam from his mouth!

I hope more Teppan Edo chefs can offer this amazing image!

Steve Barrett is a doctor and Disney nut whose favorite Walt Disney World memory is strolling through the Magic Kingdom with his young son on his shoulders. Not surprisingly, his favorite spot in the World is anywhere there's a Hidden Mickey. He suggests that all visitors take some time to chat with cast members, especially when looking for Hidden Mickeys, as they can enrich your Disney experience and make it even more magical.

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3 Replies to “Hidden Mickeys with Merida and Teppan Edo”

  1. Love the Mickey veggies at Teppan Edo. We have eaten there many times, but this is the first time I have seen that. How cool!

  2. I love the Mickey Mouse holding a Mickey Mouse balloon at Teppan Edo. They didn’t do that last time we were there. Like you, I hope this is something new that various chefs are doing so we can enjoy it on a future visit.

  3. I would like to see that more at Teppan Edo also. Have seen the “Volcano” at every Japanese restaurant. This is unique and so Disney.
    What was the chef’s name?