River Country – Step Back in Time


Today we journey back to May 1976 and a special “Family Edition” of the Cast Member Eyes and Ears of Walt Disney World.


Cast members were invited to a “Splash” Preview of River Country! The “Splash” party takes place May 29-June 3rd, 1976.

And near the end of the article there is another attraction to visit: “Transporation will be in operation each day until dusk to take everyone to view the brand new Treasure Island (later renamed Discovery Island)! There are new birds, a walk through cage, refreshment area and much more!”

There is even a scrapbook page of past May events. Here is an interesting one:

May 12 1967 Reedy Creek became a Public Corporation in the State of Florida.


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2 Replies to “River Country – Step Back in Time”

  1. I have photos can’t remember the year but i remember one year the castle looked like a birthday cake and then I prolly have photos from a few years before that. I’ll find them scan them and send them in! It was the best water park hands down I miss it and love to ride by it on the lake renting a boat from wilderness lodge it’s like a ghost park and lifeguards and dock workers say everything is still in there never fully cleaned up but it took to much up keep due to the water naturally flowing in the the lake and then back out!

  2. I remember going there when I was little. It was GREAT! I was sad when they closed it.

    ALLEARS: If you have any photos of River Country please contact us!