Bluezoo – Walt Disney World Dolphin – A Review

Guest Blogger Jeff Onorato is back, this time with a review of Bluezoo!

Celebrity chef Todd English is the owner of 18 restaurants in the United States. He has hosted TV cooking shows such as “Cooking In With Todd English” and “Todd’s Table”. He has also appeared on nationally syndicated television programs such as Iron Chef USA and Martha Stewart Living. On top of all of this, he has also authored or co-authored 3 books.

In 2004, this culinary expertise was introduced to Walt Disney World via Bluezoo, an upscale seafood restaurant located in the Dolphin.



Bluezoo is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated restaurants in Walt Disney World. I have never had a problem booking reservations there on short-notice. In fact, on my most recent visit I didn’t have one at all. My decision to dine there was on a whim at the last minute.

Nevertheless, I do recommend making Advanced Dining Reservations if you are planning to dine here. They can be made by calling (407) WDW-DINE or Online at


Upscale, chic, and elegant – diners are welcomed into the restaurant by a cascading waterfall which displays images of the wonderful food they are in-store for.


After checking in, you pass the beautiful bar area flanked by a school of “fish”.



There is also a lounge area, ideal for kicking back and having a few drinks.


As you make your way to the Dining Room, you pass by the Raw Bar and Sous Chefs hard at work.

The main Dining Room is beautiful. The décor is sophisticated and subdued.



The color spectrum of the restaurant is soothing to the eye and perfectly fits in with the oceanic theme of the restaurant.




Look up at the “bubbles” floating near the ceiling. Gorgeous chandeliers evoke the feeling of being under the sea.


I have dined here about a half-dozen times since 2005 and have never left disappointed. The service has been wonderful each time. Gracious and attentive, the servers here are informative without being overbearing. Tonight was no exception. My server, Rachael, provided an in-depth tour of their ever evolving menu.

My meal began with the Chilled Lobster Tail. Sweet and tender, the appetizer was garnished with shaved fennel and oranges which accentuated the taste of the Lobster. An orange gel artistically decorated the plate.


A Bluezoo staple – New England Clam Chowder with salt-cured bacon. This was much lighter than I expected. Not as thick and hearty as other clam chowders I have had.


I chose the Dirty South Swordfish for my main course. The fish was mild, flakey, and served with clams atop a bed of risotto. Beware: this entrée is spicy (as evidenced in the name). I could also taste a hint of BBQ in the Cajun rub.


I followed up the meal with the Pavlova. This wonderful dessert consisted of Vanilla orange ice cream alongside a hard-shell raspberry filled meringue and paired with fresh raspberries. Desserts here are like works-of-art.


The Opera Rock is pictured below. This dessert consists of layered marshmallow nougat sandwiched between chocolate wafers and presented on a Popsicle stick with an Orange Liqueur chaser. The citrus of the Orange nicely contrasted the sweet taste of the chocolate and marshmallow.


While I can’t really recommend the Bluezoo for children, they are welcome here and a Kid’s menu is offered. It includes Beef Tenderloin, Grilled Chicken, and Pizza.

I never fail to walk away satisfied after a meal at Bluezoo. I am a fan of fine dining and find the atmosphere, service, and food at the restaurant to be conducive to a wonderful evening. Bluezoo is an ideal choice for a celebratory meal or romantic night out. Do yourself a favor and give it a try on your next trip to Walt Disney World. It really is a hidden gem of the Sea.

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About Jeff: I am 33 years old and from Gettysburg, PA. By day I work in the Accounting Department of a Newspaper Publishing Company. My first visit to WDW was at the age of 2, and have been back around 35 times since then. I often travel solo to WDW, as well as with family. I make good use of my Annual Pass, and trek to Orlando about 5 times per year to visit my favorite travel destination. My favorite resort is the Polynesian, but have stayed at all of the WDW resorts at least once. In fact, my favorite aspect of visiting the Walt Disney World Resort is trying out the different Resorts and Restaurants. I also enjoy the many restaurants and sampling different foods that I normally would never try at home! (such as Escargot at the France pavillion).

Read Jeff’s other blog, a review of Paradiso 37 in Downtown Disney.

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16 Replies to “Bluezoo – Walt Disney World Dolphin – A Review”

  1. Thanks for the great review and beautiful photos! I’m heading down to Disney in November, so of course I’m already deeply immersed in reading restaurant reviews and deciding where to eat. I honestly had never considered eating here before, because it always seemed a bit too “hip” and full of itself for my tastes. But your review was so positive, and the food does look quite sophisticated and lovely — I’ll give it a try!

  2. Our last trip to the “World” in August 2009, we dined at the Blue Zoo. My Husband, two Sons ( 2 and 6 years old) as well as my 18 year old sister (who by the way is in Culinary College) and I, were absolutely impressed with the service and cuisine. Our Children are very well behaved, but could not help but to dance in their seats throughout the whole meal. My Husband, not a seafood lover at all, was pleasantly suprised by the seafood infused dishes. We ate everything from apps to deserts and would recommend this Restaurant for anyone looking for fine, fun dining.

  3. I have been going to Disney my whole life and somehow I have NEVER heard of this restaurant! It looks really nice and my husband and I are seafood lovers so we will have to go there the next time we want a “fancy” disney meal. Thanks for the info!

  4. Pat: The WDW Dolphin is not Disney owned, and subsequently Bluezoo does not participate in the Dining Plan or Tables in Wonderland. Business Casual attire is the norm here (no cutoffs/hats/bathing suits/torn clothing/tanktops) however I have seen folks in evening gowns and suits on occassion.

  5. Bluezoo is one of the top three restaurants at WDW, in my opinion. Excellent service, beautiful plating, seafood done right, and their pastry chef is a master. NEVER leave there without dessert! ; )

    The last time I went I remarked to the server that I had had the best dessert of my life there–but couldn’t remember when I’d had it. She asked what it was and I told her I didn’t know the name, but described how it looked/tasted. She went to the back of her own accord, talked to the pastry chef and returned with a name and a date–it had been a special desert for a certain Disney celebration. That’s better than pretty good service, I’d say.

    If you haven’t tried Bluezoo, you’re certainly missing out!

  6. There is only one thing wrong with blue zoo, they don’t take Tables In Wonderland! Despite that, we eat there regularly and have never been disappointed. We are always delighted with the food, service, and ambiance!

  7. Excellent report Jeff! I am very interested in trying this erstaurant during my stay in March. I plan on staying at least two nights at either the Swan or Dolphin.

  8. I often eat at Blue Zoo as I stay at the dolphin hotel at least 3 to 4 times a year. I belong to the dvc and split my hotel stay. The food at the Blue Zoo is absolutely delicious and presented beautifully. I have never had a bad meal and would highly recommend this restaurant.

  9. Thanks for the pix and review of this “hidden gem” in DW. It’s one of my favorites too. Oysters at the raw bar are always fresh and delicious. And, the house-made blueberry infused vodka martini is to die for! If you don’t want a full dinner, oysters and martinis make a fine evening. That’s where I’ll be on December 23rd; can’t wait!

    – Bill, Tucson, AZ, DVC ’95

  10. Couldn’t agree more….Ate here 2 years ago while down for the Food & Wine Festival. My wife and I stayed at the Swan and ate here on a Friday night. Was able to walk up and get seated in less than 15 minutes. Food was spectacular and as you show from the pictures, the surroundings are perfect.

    Of the small amount of negatives to the Dining Plan, I think not going to places because “it isn’t on the plan” is one of them. Take a night off from the plan and visit here…you will not be upset!

  11. Totally agree with you about what a great dining experience Bluezoo is…we just went there for the second time last month (having been there last year) and, once again, had a lovely meal.

    One area, though, that was a slight disappointment…They have a wonderful option on their wine/cocktail menu. Rather than having purchase a full bottle of wine, or pay 410-15 for a single glass, for $5, they will give you a glass of wine (their choice, but they won’t tell you what it is! Great idea, right? I thought so too, assuming they would at least let me specify whether I wanted red or white wine. Wrong. That is their choice, too! So, being a red wine drinker, I had to cross my fingers. It did no good…they brought me white. It was not bad and I’m sure it was worth more than the $5 I paid, but for those of you who are strictly red wine or strictly white wine drinkers, this option may not be for you!

    Hope this is helpful…


  12. Jeff,

    I really enjoyed your review of Bluezoo. I was not aware of how beautiful this restaurant is! Thank you for taking the time to share your review of it.

  13. Hi Jeff, This looks like a really nice place to dine. Just a few questions if I may?
    Is this on the dining plan?
    Also do you have to get dressed up?
    Thanks so much.

  14. Hi Jeff,
    We’ve stayed at the WDW Dolphin numerous times but have never ventured into this restaurant. After reading your review, I think it’s someplace we should hit on our next trip. Thanks for the blog!