Sunday, 19th of January 2020 Menu Changes to Children's Breakfast Menu at Kona Cafe

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Sunday, January 19th 2020 changes to Kona Cafe Children's Breakfast Menu

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Children's Breakfast Menunoteschanged from All meals include choice of drink and All meals include choice two sides and a beverage.
Scrambled Eggsdescriptionchanged from with Broccoli, Tomatoes, Breakfast Potatoes, Fruit Salad, and Yogurt. Choice of Small Low fat Milk or Small Dasani Water. to with Broccoli and Tomatoes
Oatmeal and Dried Cranberriesdescriptionchanged from served with Turkey Bacon and Fruit Salad. Choice of Small Low fat Milk or Small Dasani Water. to
Mickey-shaped Pancakes descriptionchanged from Have you ever had a Buttermilk Pancake in the shape of you-know-who?to
Minnie's French Toast descriptionchanged from sprinkled in Cinnamon Sugar-it's almost as sweet as our Minnieto
Added Turkey Baconto Menu Items
Added Yogurt with Strawberriesto Menu Items
Added Breakfast Potatoesto Menu Items
Added Side Dishesto Turkey BaconMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Yogurt with StrawberriesMenu Categories
Added Side Dishesto Breakfast PotatoesMenu Categories