Disney movie review: “The Pirate Fairy”

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SPOILER ALERT! Everyone familiar with the Disney film classic “Peter Pan” knows that fairies and pirates have a history with one another. Now a new Disney movie release adds a little back story to the swashbuckling adventures of both Captain Hook and the easily piqued pixie Tink. Disney’s Tinker Bell movie franchise is back this … Continue reading "Disney movie review: “The Pirate Fairy”"
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First look at new Tinker Bell movie, ‘The Pirate Fairy’

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It looks as though the creators of the Disney Fairies franchise have found a way to draw more interest in the already-popular, direct-to-DVD movies, perhaps especially from the young boys in the family. The fifth installment is titled "The Pirate Fairy," and what boy doesn't like pirates? The latest movie featuring Tinker Bell and her friends is scheduled to be released on April 1, and Walt Disney Home Entertainment has been sharing more details recently.