I Caught Me a Dinosaur

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Every so often, out of the deep black wooded darkness behind my house comes a series of high pitch shrieks. I never see the culprit but I know the truth. There’s a pterodactyl living in my neighborhood. Laugh if you must but my neighbors are The Rubbles and some gravity-defying weirdo who calls himself The … Continue reading "I Caught Me a Dinosaur"
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A Couple Downtown Disney Dining Experiences

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I ate in Downtown Disney a couple of times last week, and thought I’d share. The first time I was on the lookout for a snack. I was thinking of getting a Mexicone at Tortilla Jo’s Taqueria, but as I was walking by Ralph Brennan’s Creole Cafe, I noticed they had a few new menu … Continue reading "A Couple Downtown Disney Dining Experiences"