The Walt Disney Suite Category 1 Photo Gallery

Walter E  Disney Suite Cabin Door

As you approach the Walter E Disney Suite on Deck 8, the sign on the cabin door let's you know you have arrived!

The Walter E Disney Suite is one of the 2 Category One (Royal Suites) on the Disney Wonder and Magic. It sleeps 7 persons.

There are 2 bedrooms. One has a queen-size bed. One has 2 twin beds with two pull down bunk berths.

There are 2.5 bathrooms, 2 whirlpool tubs, a living room, media library room, dining area, pantry, wet bar and a walk-in closet. There is also a huge balcony!

It is 1, 029 square feet

Entering the suite, immediately on your left is a small bathroom (powder room).

Immediately on your right is a small credenza and photograph of Walt.
Walking straight ahead, you enter the huge living room / dining room area.

Instead of going to the Living Room, we will turn right into the Closet area of the master bedroom.

You will find 2 very narrow closets, one on each side just prior to the master bedroom.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom also is connected to a small reading room (more photos of this area later on).

We return back thru the narrow hallway (past the closets) in to the Livign Room. It is very difficult to get photos that accurately show this area due to the layout.

Entering the main living room, is a couch, several chairs and lots of light wood book cases.

See the small sitting room to the left? It's the one off the master bedroom.

Dont' get too excited. The suite doesn't get stocked with wine (although it is stocked with bottled water).
If you turn right from the main Living room, there is a small sitting area, whcih also happens to be off the master bedroom. (Left is the balcony, right is the master bedroom)

Let's return to the main entrance and just after the half bathroom is a butler's pantry area. It has cabinets, wet bar and long counter space.

After the Butler pantry you are back in the living room. Turning left, you see the Dining area.

Standing in the Dining room, you can look back into the Living Room

Once in the Dining Area, the 2nd bedroom is located on the left side. What is not shown is the 2 pull down twin bed berths.