When Will ‘Inside Out 2’ Come Out on Disney+? We Have a Clue!

Inside Out 2 premieres in theatres on June 14th and we can’t wait till we’re seated and watching it on the big screen!


But we also can’t wait to watch it comfortably in our own homes when it comes to Disney+. When exactly will it be released on the streaming service? Well, we think we have a clue!

Inside Out 2 has been one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2024. The movie follows Riley’s emotions being joined by newcomers Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui, Envy, and Nostalgia as they all navigate the changes and challenges Riley faces at her new stage in life!

Anxiety from Inside Out 2 ©Disney/Pixar

With big names like Ayo Edebiri and Maya Hawke joining the cast, the excitement has been real for the film. But like any new Disney release, a big question on our mind is when it will be available to stream on Disney+ And although we don’t have an exact date confirmed, we put our investigating hats on and did our research!

Envy ©Disney/Pixar

Wish was released in theatres back on November 22nd, 2023. The animated film was then released to Disney+ on April 3rd, exactly 133 days after the theatrical release. This makes it about four months total before it was available on the streaming service. So, given that information, we can speculate that Inside Out 2 could possibly be on Disney+ by October 25th, 2024 (Wooo! Go math!).

Ennui from Inside Out 2 ©Disney/Pixar

Keep in mind that this is an estimate of when we believe Inside Out 2 could be on Disney+ and NOT a confirmed release date.  All in all, we can’t wait till we’re able to watch the film as many times as we want with no one judging us for our inevitable waterworks. In an interview with TIME, Pete Docter confirmed that Inside Out 2 will be in theaters for 100 days so you’ll be able to see it in theaters through September.


We also can’t wait to watch it for the first time in theatres once it releases! Stay tuned as we give you all the latest Disney updates and news.

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