Ranking Every Disney Cruise Line Water Coaster

Disney Cruises are known for a lot of things — have great service, tons of exciting amenities and activities on board, and being a great way for families to have fun on vacation, no matter their age.

Disney Wish

One of the biggest draws for those who love hanging out in the pools are the slides that you can experience on board the ships. And these aren’t just normal slides — no, these are EPIC slides that are more like coasters! But there are a few different ones on the different ships — which one is the best?

3. The Aqua Dunk on the Disney Magic

Now, the Aqua Dunk is THE SLIDE for thrill seekers! This water slide extends over the side of the ship and is a body slide, meaning there’s no raft.


This slide is intense enough that no loose items are allowed on board, and your clothing must not have any buckles or zippers that could damage the slide. But the scariest part of this slide is that the floor DROPS OUT FROM UNDER YOU.


Yes, it’s a drop slide, meaning you stand with your arms crossed over your chest and feet crossed as you lean back against the backrest. The Cast Member closes the clear lid over you, and then you brace yourself as there’s a “3, 2, 1” countdown, the floor drops out and you shoot down the slide.


While this slide is fantastic for kids and adults who love thrill, this is the lowest on our list because it does leave out a large group of people. And for a family cruise line, that can be a little frustrating.

2. The Aqua Duck on the Disney Fantasy and Disney Dream

In second place is the Aqua Duck, which is a 765′ water roller coaster slide that expands over the sides of the entire top deck of the ship! To be specific, it starts on deck 16, takes a quick loop over the side of the ship, then down the port side, around the forward funnel, back down the starboard side, and then around the aft funnel before ending on deck 12, which is also where the entrance is located.

The AquaDuck!

Guests travel through a mostly clear tube, giving them beautiful views of the ocean as they use a double tube to go down the slide. When you arrive at the top of the slide, the Cast Member will place the raft down on a conveyor belt, and give you some instructions as you climb in. Once they’re given the okay, they’ll press a button and the conveyor belt will move you forward into the slide.

The AquaDuck

The most unique thing about this slide is that it dips down and then shoots you back up with water jets (which also means you get water dumped down your back)! This slide was truly like no other when it was created and is still a marvel to lots of cruisers who have never experienced it before.

So fun!

So why is it second? Well, it’s much more family-friendly while still being much more than just your everyday slide, but number one on this list has some things even this marvel of technology doesn’t have!

1. AquaMouse on the Disney Wish and Disney Treasure

Number one on this list is the most recent addition to the Disney Cruise Line fleet, and that’s the AquaMouse! This is officially the first ATTRACTION on a cruise ship, because not only is this a coaster slide, but it has electronic screen elements that tell a story!

The queue for AquaMouse

The entrance to the AquaMouse is on Deck 13, and from there you’ll wait in a queue until you get to the loading deck. Here you’ll hop on a two-person raft (even if you’re riding alone) and head into the ride!

Fireworks over the AquaMouse!

There are two different stories that you can get! The first is that Mickey & Minnie’s excursion company, Port Misadventures, wants to take you on an excursion to Mermaid Lagoon OR you can get the Swiss Meltdown story, where Mickey and Minnie’s Port Misadventures excursion company is looking to take you on an excursion where you’ll slide down the Matterhorn, but the snow starts to melt and you have to race to the top!


The ride is around two minutes long, and a good bit of it is where you’ll be on the lift hill watching all the shorts on the screens to tell the story, but then you go into an enclosed tunnel, and finally head into a clear tunnel to see views over the ship where a water jet pushes you along really fast, so you get that thrill factor!


So why is this slide first? To be honest, it’s pretty neck and neck with the AquaDuck, but the theming elements are really something here. While this slide doesn’t have as much thrill factor as the AquaDuck (and certainly not the AquaDunk), we think it’s a great blend of a fun water slide and great theming elements, and it’s exciting that it was the first Disney attraction at sea!


We don’t wait in a SUPER long line for any of these attractions because there are so many other fun things to experience on board, which means we highly recommend riding when you’re at a port of call, or the dinner/show is taking place (although you have to go see the shows too, they’re incredible!)

AquaMouse on the Disney Wish!

There is your official ranking! Do you agree? Be sure to let us know and stay tuned to AllEars for more.

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