2 NEW Must-Have Souvenirs from Disney’s Hollywood Studios

You may try to practice self-restraint at Disney World, but some souvenirs make it impossible to do so!

Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios

If you’re a huge Star Wars fan, we bet you would have a hard time saying no to a custom lightsaber or droid. If you’re a collector of Minnie ears, it’s probably hard not to grab a new pair each time Disney releases one. We totally get it! That’s why we’re warning Pixar fans about visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios right now…

Although Pixar Fest is happening over on the west coast at Disneyland Resort, there are some exciting new Pixar treats, souvenirs, and characters hitting Disney World! For example, as of June 10th, you can now meet Joy from Inside Out in celebration of the sequel premiering in movie theaters.


But for those collectors out there, check out the newest Disney World popcorn bucket. Yes, that’s the Pizza Planet truck!

It’s the moment Toy Story fans have all been waiting for. We see Disney fans complain all of the time about how the popcorn bucket selection is so much better at Tokyo Disney or even Disneyland, but this is a good one! It actually did debut at Disneyland earlier this year, so we’re glad to see it over in a Florida theme park as well.

The perfect bucket for Toy Story fans

Watch out — one of the green aliens is in the driver’s seat! The prices are a tad confusing for this one since they vary a little bit depending on the location in the park.

Since Disney World is located in two counties, you may see different tax rates which impact the price slightly. So in some sections of the park, the bucket costs $24.59 and in others (like at popcorn stands around Hollywood Boulevard) it’ll cost $26. There are several popcorn carts with these items so keep that in mind when shopping!

Pizza Planet Popcorn Bucket

The other new souvenir that is a must-have for Pixar fans is the Slinky Dog Sipper! We’re not gonna lie, we’re obsessed with this one.

Slinky Dog Sipper

Slinky is already a beloved character (if you don’t believe us, just look at how much people love Slinky Dog Dash) so it’s exciting to see him get a merch item. The slinky part acts as the cup that holds your drink and the straw comes out of the head. This is another one that first debuted at Disneyland but is now available at Hollywood Studios! You’ll pay about $12.79 (depending on location) to get one of these.

How adorable is this?!

On the morning these souvenirs debuted, they were going quickly. So if you want one and you see one, grab it while you can! We often see popular collectibles like these sell out, and we’ll keep you updated if that’s the case.

Keep following AllEars for the latest news from Disney World. We’ll be here keeping track of it ALL! In the meantime, check out how to have a perfect morning in Hollywood Studios by watching our video below.

It’s Inevitable. I Have to Spend $70 on This Weird Souvenir at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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